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Workplace Culture In 2017

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Workplace culture defines your organisational personality and character. It is what makes you unique and helps in having long living loyal employees and customers.

In this century stressful workplace lead to lack of interest and progress. Work Pressure, Strict rules and regulations, too many restrictions are not acceptable. This young generation prefers to achieve organisational goals with fun and freedom. This policy attracts talent, drives engagement and retention, brings out employee happiness, and strengthens targets.

It’s not only about recruitment, staffing, performing and paying. But it’s about how every person in the organisation is involved and satisfied. Reducing the gap between the management levels helps in easy communication, coordination and reduces conflicts. The days of discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, and creed are gone. People come from diverse cultures thus bringing them together can diversify the company better.

Workplace culture around the world is different and modified. One of the most privileged employees are the ones working at Google. They have facilities for restrooms, free medical check-up, free haircut, foosball, ping pong, gaming zones, gyms and swimming pools, Amazing food and a lot more. Lively employees will work better towards the targets. To have the best results you need to make sure if your employees are satisfied this indirectly leads to customer satisfaction too. This way you can avoid losing your employees to other competitive companies.

Many other Companies have come up with variety of ideas such as pool side meetings, gaming period, regularly conducted parties and competitions, ways to reward the employees on the basis on their performance.

Even in India people are preferring such companies where work and pleasure walk hand in hand. This has led to broader mentality and scope. India has the world’s largest youth population, whereas developed countries like USA and Japan are busy sorting pension issues. Thus, India has the young creative blood, hence it’s important to keep them engaged for economic and social development.

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