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Why People are going crazy about this tiny thing?

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A Fidget Spinner? Seriously? Going head over heels for this? What’s making it so glamorous to use a fidget spinner? Am I the only one who did not find anything thrilling about it? Well, you all loved it. So let me have a sneak-peek in your love story with this Spinner.

Facebook, Instagram and your hands are owned by these toys which spine around effortless helping as a stress buster. It is advertised to relieve your nervous energy or psychological stress. Boo!! School kids use it to play, what stress do they have to relieve with these toys?

It’s just a version of B-Blade or Yoyo Spinners. Well, I don’t need to describe the design of a Fidget Spinner. Still, it’s a bit of funky-shaped plastic or metal orbits a bearing, often spins for minutes at a time with a single spin.

By the way for most of the people, it’s fun and distractive. It helps them relax and satisfies to watch them spin. It comes in multiple colours making it look more attractive as they spin. It can be customised and cost from 2$ to 1000$. Is it made of gold and diamonds? Whatever!! They are handy and extremely silent while you operate it. Kids, now I understand why you don’t get caught in the school when it’s banned already. Yes, many of the schools banned using a fidget spinner in school premises. As discussions say they are good to calm you down and help you deal with stress, Let me tell you a fact Folks, there is no scientific evidence that they are effective as a treatment for autism or stress.

It’s just a fad. Suddenly seek a lot of attention, overexposed causing a chaos and BOOM it disappears. Somewhere, someone 50 years later is going to say ‘’Once upon a time I played with a fidget spinner.’’

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