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Why Is Social Media Community Building Essential For Your Brand?

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The BTS army is a community and not just fans, an army that stands for you no matter what. Having your brand community is more than business, or having customers. Loyal fans in making take time, right intention, and effort.

An engaged community is trickier to build and also involves your social media events, workshops and activities planned in advanced. You need to align and position your brand in the right ways and win people’s hearts. The digital world today asks for being considerate, environment friendly, and woke about social issues. If your brand is far away from these ideologies first incline your brand the right way.

Here are few ways in which you can build your social media community:

Ease to communicate with your brand

Communication is the driving force for a community. They make customers feel inclusive and a part of your tribe. Every customer wants to belong somewhere. If your audience research is on point your customers relate to your brand and think about it as theirs.

Social media Live, FB groups, Instagram stories, Discord, Clubhouse are few brand communication tools that you can use.

A human touch to all the activities is essential for building a social media community.

Provide Value

Engaging with people just for up-selling is not what you should be looking for. Make your aim to provide value along with grabbing your audience’s interest. Problem-solving, providing answers to your customer’s questions, better customer service, and handling negativity in the right innovative way.

Gain community pain points and address them with the help of your social media. Influencer marketing, innovative campaigns, blogs with all the questions answered are a few of the ways to provide value to your customers and gain their trust. Building authority as a brand is also one way out.

Influencers and experts who know about particular niches should be involved in the campaigns to establish brand identity and authority.

Along with organic ways using social media advertising to study and analyze your audience and then exercise the community building tasks is also helpful.

Your brand story

Stories stay closer to hearts so use your brand story wisely. Touching the hearts of your consumers can also be done by stories. Get testimonials, User-generated content, or user stories that align with your brand. Demonstrate your brand USP, make it exciting, emotional, and fun. Gary V and Ask AviArya keep telling their personal stories to their target audience and win their confidence because a personal story is what it takes to relate with your target audience.

Your story needs to tell your aim, how you got where you are, how you plan to execute and address other issues, and how your brand is helping them.

Handling a brand needs an experienced social media agency. Finding a social media agency in India that can handle all your community-building requirements and goals is a must.


Along with the above tactics maintaining and keeping track of your social media performance and using social listening tools is a must.

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