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What Should You Choose? Facebook Group or Facebook Page

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What Should You Choose? Facebook Group or Facebook Page

Many brands today have a social media page and do everything to make the page more engaging and gain more reach. However, many of us are a part of Facebook groups but fail to understand the need for it and the question is does every brand need a Facebook group? And why?

Let’s list down some points which will help us understand Facebook groups better. Though it is popular, there is a doubt whether do we really need it or not.

Following are the differences between a Facebook page and a Facebook group:

  1. Ad through your Facebook page:

This is important. If you have a business page on Facebook, then only you have the liberty to run ads. And this is not for Facebook groups.

  1. Groups have an opportunity connect with the audience.

Your Facebook page is visible to everyone. Hence, we can’t be sure that your audience might not want to comment on it all the time. It has been observed that audience interact more with a group rather than a page, now this also depends on the content.

This helps the admin of the user or the brand to understand the behavior of the audience better and hence will help you serve them in that way.

  1. Facebook groups provide better visibility

The reach of your Facebook might gradually go down, as the algorithms have changed today. Page posts are visible in the news feed only to those who keep on liking, commenting, sharing, and through their friends.

Whereas, in a Facebook group, everyone gets to see your posts. This increases your opportunity to connect with people who need your help!

  1. Looking for an email list? Facebook groups it is…

Once you see someone requesting to get added to your group, you know that the person is interested in what you are saying. That means he/she wouldn’t mind if you email them about it, right? Yes, so Facebook groups can be an effective way to generate more email of your target audience.

Hence, when you ask them for an email, they will not refuse it. So, here you win it, add them to your mailing list and market well.

  1. Facebook groups are profitable:

A group is where you see genuine people interacting with each other or on the posts. Hence the visibility and connection you get is somewhere more than a Facebook Business page.

It has been seen, that YouTubers and Instagrammers have built their Facebook groups so that they can connect with the audience and interact. Whereas, on a Facebook page, seeing this in the initial stage is way too difficult.

Now that we have a clear picture in our minds. We can say that we will go for a Facebook group rather than a page. Not really buddy, the Facebook page is important too. Some customers might want to connect with you on the page. Not everyone will search a group!

Hence, study the need for your brand and then take a call. Going for either of them will not be good. Go for both, but make sure that you actually serve the purpose.

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