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We Hit The Bull’s-Eye

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A wise person once said: you can’t hit a target you cannot see. If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up elsewhere, lost, away from your original goals. Having a target in mind will help you achieve your goals more quickly. In digital media marketing, the target you need to set is a target audience you need to aim at to help you achieve your business goals. This post will help you understand the concept of a target audience, why you need one, and how to determine them.

The target audience are the people you want to reach with your digital media marketing efforts- the ones who will be the most interested in your services and most likely to convert into loyal customers. For example, if you are running a store for pet products in Pune, your target audience will be pet parents’ living in or around Pune who will be interested in buying your goods. It will serve you no purpose to target people who do not have pets or people who live out of the country.

Thus, the target audience can be based on demographics like age, gender, identity, and location, or psychographic information like values, aspirations, concerns, and online shopping behavior. Of course, not everyone who will buy your products will fit into the idea of your target audience. But having a customer base in mind will help you better strategize your internet marketing and narrow down the list, giving your customer the best shopping experience. Your target audience will determine your entire digital media marketing strategy- from how you develop your products, how you name them, and what platforms you market them from.

As a business owner, your first task is to determine your niche to dominate it. Narrowing your focus will help you expand your reach, tailor your products, market them and help watch your sales soar.

The more specific your target audience, the more successful your marketing efforts are. So how do you determine your target audience? Simple answer: Research. Setting a target audience is not based on a ‘gut feeling’; you need to go after people who really want to buy from you. You will need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes for this. To help you understand your target audience, as a digital media company we take our clients through the following process.

Analyze your offerings

First step: understand what you offer. What problems does your service or your products address? For example, a digital media company like ours would target business owners, especially people who are too busy to handle their marketing and can afford to pay someone else to do it.

Research, research, research

Conducting marketing research is the next step in determining a target audience. We use digital marketing tools to determine your competitors, help you find a customer base, and improve your marketing efforts.

Customer Profiling

You need to ideate one person, not a group, just one person who will be your ideal customer. Ask yourself the following questions regarding this persona:

  • How old are they
  • Where do they live
  • What kind of job do they have
  • What are their interests
  • What needs do they have and,
  • How can you fulfill their needs

If you offer multiple services or products, you will need a customer profile for each of these. Having an ideal customer persona in mind will help you better define your target audience.

Keeping the above steps in mind when looking for a target audience will help in finding your audience and find new and innovative ways to get your products into their hands. Keep analyzing, gather data and you will have more power to define an ideal target audience for your business.

While it may seem simple, defining a target audience is no easy feat, and Hats-Off is here to help you with it. As an internet marketing company in India, we provide clear and crisp strategies and tactics you will need to run and grow your business, whether you are selling in person, online, or both. We function as one single system, offering various digital marketing services in Pune and around the globe to help you save time and money.

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