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Ward Off Attacks With WordPress Security Scan

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Imagine building a stunning mansion only to discover that a faulty brick was used in the construction. Even if it was one bad-quality brick, it would affect the value and lifespan of your entire mansion.

It is the same with WordPress websites; one bad code can put your entire website at risk. This is why scanning your WordPress website regularly is important to check for any faulty codes or viruses.

If you have an online presence, you need to prioritize security. And if you use WordPress as your CMS, security must be your top priority. This does not mean WordPress is not secure. But since WordPress is an open-source platform, it suffers from various critical vulnerabilities. Also, people keep following outdated practices to secure their websites or do not pay much attention to site security when building them; this makes for an insecure WordPress website.

Let’s discuss the reasons why you need to perform a WordPress Security Scan.

It protects your information and reputation. If attackers get personal information from you about your visitors or your business, there is no saying what they can do with it. Security breaches can lead to data leaks, ransomware, identity thefts, servers crashing; the list goes on. These things can cost you your business and waste time, money, and effort. So to avoid the worst case scenario, you have to ensure to get a WordPress website development services to secure your website.

Your visitors expect your website to be secure. Any visitor who clicks on your link trusts it to be secure. If you cannot keep your visitors’ and customers’ information secure, your customers will lose trust in your business. And nobody wants that, right? Building trust with your customers is key to a successful business; if you cannot provide that, there will be no business.

Google likes secure websites. After your customers, Google is the second entity you need to impress. Keeping your website secure is a cornerstone of maintaining a high-ranking wesbite. A safe website is a searchable website. Google prioritizes user experience, and if your website is not secure, it will refrain from showing it on top results.

Now that you know why it is important to take some time to perform a security scan on your WordPress website. Obviously, we understand that business owners do not have the luxury of time to go through their entire websites looking for that faulty code, which is why we are here. Hats-Off WordPress services help you keep your website secure. Here’s how we do that.

By investing in Secure WordPress Hosting. Hats-Off hosts its websites on secure hosting servers. We take website security very seriously and handle a lot of such issues for our clients. When choosing your website server, make sure to invest in a trustworthy one. With our WordPress services, you can rest assured that your website information is in safe hands. We will take steps to protect your information and promptly recover if any attack occurs.

By securing login processes. The most obvious and fundamental way to keep your website secure is to keep your accounts safe from malicious login attempts. The basic steps you can take are using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, don’t keep your account name as ‘admin,’ adding a captcha, and enabling auto log out. Hats-Off adds an extra layer of security to the website we build by enabling two-factor authentication and a captcha on all the websites we create through WordPress website development services.

By keeping all our websites updated as per the latest version of PHP. Upgrading to the latest PHP version will keep your website secure. PHP is the backbone of your WordPress website, and any WordPress services will confirm this.

Always using the latest version of plugins and themes. These are updated for a reason, mostly for security enhancements and bug fixes. Unfornatualy, many businesses run outdated versions of plugins and themes on their website without knowing the risks it poses. When creating a website, Hats-Off ensures only to install plugins that are well-established and legitimate.

By conducting regular WordPress website scans. We run routine check-ups for our websites and other websites that avail of our WordPress website maintenance services. This will help detect any malware early on in your website, keeping it safe.

Keeping your website is of utmost importance. Cybercriminals are constantly evolving and creating new ways to attack a company’s online presence, and security engineers are developing new methods to counter them. This is a constant cycle. So, to ensure that your website stays safe from any attacks, you will need to invest in good WordPress development services.

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