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Top Ten Ways To Ensure Your Website Is Mobile User Friendly

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It is a known fact that people use their mobiles more than their laptops/desktops, with the mobile phone becoming an important part of our day to day lives, and functions being performed at the click of a finger. When you undergo a custom website development service for your portal, it is very important to ensure that the website is user friendly when accessed on the mobile phone. Many traditional developers miss out on this aspect and only focus on the final product element of the website. It is however important to check when website design and development services are undertaken that they are appealing on the mobile phone. Here are the top ten ways website developers and clients can ensure their website looks great on the mobile, after all, your website represents your company, and the mobile phone is the quickest way to make an impression about your business and the services you offer:

  •  Making your website responsive in nature is the key.

With formulating a responsive design you can make your website mobile-friendly without any limit on the information mobile visitors can access.

  • Access to information should be extremely easy.

People resort to their phones to gauge quick information. Your website should give all the information required at a glance. Also, the FAQ section should be able to solve most of the queries of the individual for them to have a clear understanding. Use google analytics to gain mobile traffic data, this will help you analyse better on the information that needs to be showcased.

  • Avoid text-blocking ads and pop-ups.

These are major turn-offs for any user and it will not take them a minute to switch to another website. Finding the X is a hassle and not everyone will scroll and peak through to close notifications. Or else you can either disable them for mobile users, or set it up so a pop-up only appears when they’ve scrolled to the bottom of the page, not when they’ve just landed on it.

  • Increase the speed of your website.

Not everyone will wait patiently till your website is fully loaded or it keeps showing the loading update. It makes the user lose interest and they might not even try to reload the page once more.

  • Add simplicity to your webpages and eliminate all complexes associated with them.

Don’t clutter and use a neat, clean, minimalist design approach. Have fewer files on each page so it takes less time to load.

  • Ensure your page button sizes are big enough to work on a mobile phone.

A mouse click differs from button clicks with your fingertips. Selecting each button should be an easy and smooth process. Also use large font sizes, at least 14px on your web pages, with standard font style.

  •   Avoid using flash, it slows down your web speed and is highly outdated.

Gone are the days when flash was an added requirement to add to the glamour quotient of your website. Every good website development agency avoids using it, having a more practical approach and not using an outdated technology.

Contact forms and feedback forms are the most important thing of your website, make sure you turn off auto-correct for the same to improve user experience.  Make your form short with the relevant details required. We aim to support website development Services in Pune and Website Design Agency in Pune, being a month of prayers and gratitude.

  • Allow a way to switch  to desktop view.

Make it easy for them to use and understand.  Give them a way to do that if it’s their preference. You want your visitors to be able to interact with your website in the way that makes the most sense for them.

  •  Make your website  undergo regular mobile test.

Browse other websites and yours too on mobile and then you will see the difference. Regular testing is the best way to catch small issues that create a worse experience for your visitors. The faster you notice them, the sooner you can update your website to provide a truly mobile-friendly experience.

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