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The Influence Of Content Before The Design Of The Website

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Most of the website designs these days continue past colors, fonts, and layout boxes, but the influential design majorly focuses on the user. The website design should be crafted for the users, according to their requirements that fulfill the outcome of a website visit. Moreover, the website should not only be limited to coding trends and pre-packaged templates.

The Focus on users should not come and go like the website design templates.    

Businesses get stuck up with the design trends, what their competitors’ websites have. In doing so, businesses lose track of the genuine website visitor.

Well, these days people pick a website template or blog theme and get started with the graphical presentation of it. It’s an emotional decision because it replaces the will to help the actual website visitors.

Once the website template is ready, then the content is forcefully fitted within the website. Or something even worse, the businesses forcefully custom design the website to match the style and presentation with a top competitor’s website.

This procedure leads to dissatisfaction in buyers. It is because this process follows the path of design, development, and lastly content. This is not the right order. This order is leading backward.

Framing the Content First Leads to Educated Design Decisions

Framing your desired user flow, viewer paths, and call to action is something that is commonly accomplished after the completion of graphic design. Unfortunately, this is an incorrect strategy because then you forcefully try to match the content to the website theme or design. It should just be the opposite.

The content is the foundation and the building block of any website. It should be documented carefully before any colors, fonts, and layouts are used.

Then comes the role of the design element. It should complement, and highlight the message you want to share with the audience and most importantly the content.

Document your user personas, their challenges, what solutions you can offer, and the paths you want your audience to look at within the website. Although the UI/UX design is also very important, as it throws the best light to showcase the website, content, and offerings.

Focus on the Right Content

The elements that matter in the content before the website is designed:

  • Headlines and sub-headers
  • The core message for the audience
  • Text in paragraphs
  • User personas and visitor paths
  • Call to actions
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Navigation
  • Accounts on all Social media platforms
  • SEO (Search engine optimization)

The more experience your graphic designer has, the more unique and targeted design you accomplish.

Finding Balance

Well, framing content is not possible in all the situations before the website design approach. You have to maintain a balance by picking and choosing your battles.

Can We Help?

If you are looking forward to launching a new website or redesigning a website, we at Hats-Off would love to help you. At Hats-Off, we have a blended approach for our clients, website design, and SEO.

The only thing that matters is to know more about you and your audience. The more knowledge, the more we can help you in achieving your marketing objectives and goals.

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