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The Clubhouse Hype – Why Should Your Brand Be Present On Social Audio Apps?

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Exclusively created for an elite audience, Clubhouse is a social interactive app that has gained popularity during the pandemic. Available on iOS, this invite-only app allows the audience to interact in celebrity rooms, chats, house parties, live podcasting etc. It is definitely transitioning the audio marketing industry with 12.7M downloads in March 2021.

An event called “Open Kitchen” was hosted on the app where fast-food chain owners – Burger King and Popeyes along with International restaurant Brands created a room where people could quiz them on anything they wanted after their quarterly financial report. The delirium is high with brands paying celebs to enter their chat room to brands sharing tips and tricks to get more people and celebs to your room.

You can create a profile on Clubhouse as an individual but not as a brand. With the rising competition in audio spaces, other well-established brands are exploring the audio marketing niche. Twitter recently announced “Audio Spaces”, brands like Wavve and Riff are upping their game; apps like Discord are getting a rebranding that features more audio functions which will allow to better connect people with the power of voice. Twitter spaces are currently in beta mode and will be rolled out in 2021, according to sources.

Brands along with Podcasts should be present on apps like Clubhouse because social audio is going to be the next big thing in social media marketing.

Getting a little extra creative is needed to excel on Clubhouse, brand building agency in Pune we would recommend brands to try social audio for their brand so that you don’t leave any stones unturned.

With Clubhouse brands can:

Organize virtual conference

Generating ideas, networking is the main aim of conferences. When you join the right room and build an audience that is interested in your objective you can generate new ideations and network with the community. You can open up the conference for all public or keep the invite-only option accessible. Example: Brand Pandorabots for deploying chatbots made their conference creative by a conversation between chatbot Kuki and author Cathy Hackl. Your brand should surely try conferences, as a digital marketing agency in Pune we suggest brands to evolve with trends.

Explore new marketing ideas: 

Hearing all the conversations on the app you’ll have a new idea which you never had otherwise before, right from a blog idea, content creation or movie review or a remixed version of a new marketing idea may surface up when you are listening to different rooms on the app.

Brand awareness:

As a brand-building agency new platforms are a gold mine to explore and impact.

Cinnabon went viral on Clubhouse as the former CEO Kat Cole of the parent company Focus Brands hosted weekly business advice groups and support meetings at office hours and asked the attendees if they craved for Cinnabon. On hearing a “yes” she noted their address and sent them freebies. The approach effectively helped Cinnabon create a trend on Clubhouse, to an extent that every room seemed to be talking about the baked goods brand said Clubhouse expert Ed Nusbaum.

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