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Spotify Is Bringing in Games Into Its Platform. Here’s Why

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Spotify is adding video and games to its streaming service to keep subscribers around longer.

When one hears or reads about Spotify, we think of music. But with the introduction of video and games onto the platform, Spotify is becoming a lot more than just a place to listen to and share sounds from artists worldwide.

On July 12th, Spotify announced the purchase of Heardle, a themed trivia game inspired by the NY Times’s blockbuster game: Wordle.

Many people use Spotify to discover new artists and songs. However, the company has a history of expanding to other markets like podcasts and audiobooks. Now, it has taken the step to add games and video onto its platform.

Spotify has 75 million users, but it’s still not enough for the company to be profitable. That’s because music streaming services like Spotify face competition from other tech giants trying to outdo one another with more content. The latest battle is between Apple Music and YouTube Music—both streaming services that offer personalized playlists based on your interests (and favourite artists). Even Apple has joined this race by adding podcasts as part of its free tier (as well as dedicated podcasts apps).

This deal will push Spotify further into its mission to make its app more interactive to diversify its revenue streams.

Heardle 🤝  Spotify

Heardle is the first game acquired by Spotify, and the company hopes it will help keep music nerds engaged while acting as a music discovery tool.

The game is simple: you need to guess the name or the artist of a piece based on its opening notes. Players will get six chances to figure out the song with hints to give users a few extra seconds to help guess. In the end, the answer is shown, and the game will take you to a link on Spotify.

Heardle’s Spotify integration will start in the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia before expanding to other countries.

For now, the game remains a standalone website, but the company intends to integrate Heardle “more fully” into the app eventually.

The Importance Of Different Formats

Spotify’s latest move shows how important it is to diversify your content.

The internet allows us to share information in many different ways. You can choose to read the latest news or listen to it while commuting to work.

When it comes to creating content, there’s no question that a single platform can significantly impact your reach and engagement—but not all platforms are created equal.

As we saw with Spotify’s acquisition of SoundCloud earlier this year and Apple Music’s launch of its music streaming service, offering multiple formats and forms of content helps you stand out from the crowd and engage with your audience with something the competition does not offer.

Diversifying your audience by getting involved in different spaces will help build up trust between them and yourself as an influencer/journalist/creator etc., which ultimately leads to greater engagement rates across all channels over time.

Apart from this, the other lesson is interactivity.

By creating interactive experiences, you can achieve your marketing goals. The key is to mix information with entertainment.

Marketing in the digital age is not just about selling your service or product but about providing your audience with a memorable experience. Users are not satisfied when you limit yourself to only one format or type of content, and they look for variety.

Look at patterns of habits of your target or buyer persona and complete their entire journey.

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