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Social Media-Connects Or Control Us

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Social Media Connects Or Controls Us!

“Technology may be a vast stretch of an ocean filled with qualms; you dive in it with no life vest only to understand later that you simply are drowning deep!”

Comical and incongruous how the underlining theme of “The Social Dilemma” used the same social media platform to target its audience. From connecting families across borders, acting as an organizational tool for activists, supporting businesses, exasperating issues such as mental health, bullying, political polarization, fake news and misinformation, and even riots and conflict, it explains how Social Media Advertising is used as a tool to benefit and manipulate audience according to them.

“If you are not paying for the product, YOU are the product.”

The content that seems available on the internet for free is paid for by the social media marketing agency and is used for social media marketing services. They pay for the audience to engage and make money from that engagement and reach. From replying to a message to viewing a product, everything is virtual and controlled by the Silicon Valley emperors. It has portrayed how technology is manipulated to disconnect “users” from their reality and predict and influence their behavior. A perfect amalgamation of psychology and technology being used to back the humankind itself!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is identical to magic.”

How do the magic work and we get fooled without magicians fooling us? We call their exploits as tricks because they jeopardize our imagination and make us believe what they want us to. A similar process goes on with the functioning of social media marketing services. The way it is encoded by the Artificial Intelligence on the other side of the screen and what we decode here is a total trick.

Once a person texts “Hi,” it becomes our moral duty to reply. Once the conversation has started, the loop continues. Now you have to keenly participate in it because then you would be considered mean or rude or might even become socially unacceptable by society.

When most of us would already be familiar with all of it, then why do we still let ourselves get trapped in this vicious circle of social web of virtual connections?

“Social Media is a Drug”

Fake news spread six times rapidly than accurate news. The point is social media advertising has dragged us so low in its trap that we have lost the sight of distinguishing the right and the wrong, the harm being caused to us even after being aware fully of the threat posed by it. The tools which were developed for assisting humans have become tools of manipulation and addiction. It’s a journey of overwhelming human strengths until it finally turns it into human weaknesses.

“Social Media is a ferocious circle we are indulging into”

Do we post a picture for ourselves or to please others? Why do kids at the age of 11 use filters and make their lips look bigger and cheeks flattened? Is this the newly set classification of magnificence and recognition? A thumbs-up button, which was created to spread positivity and cheerfulness, today saddens people if they don’t get enough of it from the public. Our sole purpose of existence has become dependent not on our originality but on what and how the world wants us to be.

There is a constant pressure building upon us to create a good impression on the other person, which keeps users indulged in the process and benefits the social media marketing agencies for their “growth hacking” process.

We become what we see, hear, practice, and inherit from our surroundings. What would we become once we are 24/7 indulged in what others suggest us to be? Social media have made people lose their true identities and don’t know who they are. What sort of generation are we building where people fear their own company?

People are never alone. There’s an entire world moving with us constantly thereupon one device. Social Media Marketing Services help us to connect with every other person and business virtually.

We mock the older generation once they attempt to enlighten our blurred vision of today’s digital reality, but what are we throwing ourselves into? This will surely put you through a question of the usage of social media.

But then again, social media advertising has enlisted itself within the basic must survive for a person’s alongside ‘Roti,’ ‘Kapda,’ and ‘Makan.’ Mankind cannot survive without social media since it’s defined our way of living. Our worthwhile existence is very dependent upon these social giants. However, we must reform the ways’ these’ use us and the way ‘we’ use them.

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