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SEO ways that can help you drive higher lead quality

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Is your website driving organic traffic but not seeing enough conversions? The content on your website might not be meeting the audience’s needs. This blog can help you drive more qualified leads. To drive conversions, you should know what exactly your audience is looking for and deliver appealing content that echoes.

User intent and SEO

A user types his genuine interest and requirements as a query into the search engine. As a search result, only the real and appealing content can address the user’s intent or actual goal. Some of the businesses fail in this area.

For example, your AC stops working in the middle of a summer afternoon, you look for (24×7 AC repair) and your partner looks for (AC repair near me). The keywords used for the query are different but they have the same intent or goal, which is to get the AC repaired.

There are different types of user intents, specifically:

• Informational.
• Commercial.
• Navigational.
• Transactional.

What is the importance of user intent?

For successful search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing user intent has a crucial role to play. Here are the three important ways through which businesses can leverage user intent to enlighten their marketing strategy.

  1. Think About Customer Experience:

It is a great decision to rank a keyword, but when a user clicks on your website out of all the search results and fails to find the answers to the queries straight away, and then there are high chances that the user will click out from the page. This is where businesses actually lose their opportunity to convert the audience into a quality lead. When the Google crawler sees that the audience is not much engaged with much with your website or content, it automatically drops your SEO ranking as well. Quality content on your website with the most appropriate keywords can help you find success in the SERPs and also help you gain a consistent stream of highly qualified leads.

  1. Use influential content to leverage the lead quality:

Creating new content is not the only approach to encounter the requirements of the users. Adding a lot of content to your website will itself engage a lot of traffic, as it is indexed by search engines. What you can do is, leverage the content quality. Keep it to the point. Multiple data sources can help you in discovering the understandings of intent marketing to make cognizant decisions when it is about content. Google search console is one such data source. Use Google search console:

  • Look for the exact keyword search mapping on the page that you want to get ranked, uncover the impressions and number of clicks on your pages.
  • Think whether the content on those pages is actually answering the keywords or the queries asked by the audience.
  • Keep the focus of your Google search console on what queries your audience has or what questions are related to your industry.
  • Answer the questions clearly if you aim to have a better ranking in the future.
  • Google Analytics can also help you to meet your audience’s intent.
  • Investigate, if your page has a high bounce rate and low time on page. This can also affect your ranking. People can leave your page immediately because they are not getting their answers from the given content and they lose interest.
  1. Escalate the onsite time for your audience and look at the surge in conversion rates:

Audiences are skimmers – they are coming to your site to gain something. It is important to know what engages your audience the most. This is why it is crucial to optimize your web pages to offer the best experiences to real leads and not just the search engines.

  • Assess your web traction by tracing your web metrics.
  • To keep the audience engaged on your website and escalate the chances of conversion is by developing an attractive website structure and layout.
  • An organized webpage makes it easier for the audience to understand and the bots can also easily crawl through your website.
  • Create an impact by using proper subheadings with a nice flow of information

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