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SEO Trends That Are Changing The Face Of Blogging

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SEO Trends That Are Changing The Face Of Blogging

The opportunity to peek into new SEO trends are exciting and daunting. This is primarily true for a marketing discipline that appears to change as swiftly. Over the past decade, the SEO trends have changed in many profound ways, frequently in lockstep with introducing new technologies like voice assistants and mobile experiences’ rise and evolution. Google plays a primary role in SEO trends.

Over the past 12 months alone, there have been several changes in Google Search — each impacting how we plan, implement, and report on campaigns.

This pace of change only ensures to make the lives of marketers particularly complicated. Digital marketers have the chance to work on SEO tactics with clients daily, and here are the vested and anticipated SEO trends that will last for a long time. Digital marketers can begin working on today to stay ahead in the game of SEO.

#1. SEO Trend -The voice search explosion

Voice search is everywhere around us. With the launch of voice-activated speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, Android Auto, etc., voice search is becoming a new platform for marketing and advertising. It is reconstructing the ways of interacting with search engines to find solutions to the questions of the users.

#2 SEO Trend – Video

Video is a must-have part of any content strategy.

People spend a very limited time reading any information on a site. Instead, they prefer watching videos. Video is one of the most effective and influential forms of content that assists in retaining users on the page.

#3 SEO Trend – Mobile-first indexing

With the forthcoming mobile-first index, the rise of the voice search, the fact that 60% of all searches come from mobile devices, and mobile optimization becoming a ranking factor – we can’t ignore mobile SEO anymore. Google favors mobile-optimized web pages and urges to focus on the user experience for mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it is time to do it.

#4 SEO Trend – Featured Snippets

Google provides instant answers to the questions asked by the users in the form of the featured snippets, and it makes up to 30% of all search queries.

Featured snippets are stimulating the development of a different type of content like question and answer content. Google helps to find a clear answer to the user’s questions from web pages. If you want to be placed as a featured snippet, start working on SEO optimization.

#5 SEO Trend – Linkless backlinks

Major search engines like Google have developed the ability to rank the reputation of the website via any reference to a stigma, anywhere online, or wherever it is mentioned in. These references are also identified as “linkless mentions” or “linkless backlinks.”

#6 SEO Trends – The User Experience

There is no doubt that a poor user experience of a website will affect its rankings. That is why it is important to be accustomed to both desktop and mobile devices so that the users can easily find what they are searching for. After all, SEO is done for the users of search engines to find our websites. On this principle, the significance of user experience is escalating for SEO purposes.

#7 SEO Trends and Content

Content is and will always remain one of the key trends of Google ranking. But content alone is no longer a king. Context, organization, relevance, and connectivity – all of these components now play a huge role in helping you achieve your goals and make the most out of your content.

Over recent years, Google has remarkably improved the analysis of the textual content with the RankBrain technology’s help that understands content better.


If you want to succeed in SEO, start preparing your website according to the search engines. Focus on building natural links and quality content to be on the first page of search engine results. Improve the usability and technical SEO factors like page speed, site security, schema markup, the structure of your website. The world of SEO is bright and exciting, but it requires a lot of investment and creative strategies than ever before.

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