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R.I. P Sri Devi = T.R.P?

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The untimely death of Sridevi the goddess of Indian cinema made everyone mourn her death. The actress died from accidental drowning is what the forensic report had to say. But it is something our Indian media cannot get its head around. Everyone had their own version to say, not realizing that the people grieving at this time might be affected by all this babble.

Getting all the juicy stories out is one of the moto for the news channels in India which most of the people already agree to. And Indian media has not failed us this time. From stories like ‘Maut ka bathtub’ to photoshopping images of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi, all is done in the name of news and entertainment. The character shaming was at the peak which always is. The media can turn grief into some sensational story. The news channels act as vultures who will thrive on anything that gets them more TRP.

It’s a strange disorder where the news channels cannot sensitize to issues where people are suffering and grieving. My question here is, does everything that we come across needs to be equated to how ‘viral’ we get our stories and how much money we make out of it? Whatever happened to empathy? Whatever happened to humanity? There is something seriously wrong if the media thinks that they have done a good job sensationalizing something so sensitive. The media that has stooped so low for content has once again left everyone astounded.

After watching all these stories and the crap that is shown in the mainstream news, we think by now people have understood and awakened of how the media feeds crap into the brains of the masses.  But it is disappointing to understand that the news is selling because of all the drama they are presenting to its people. Makes me sick thinking about how and what we are heading towards.

We as individuals need to understand and keep re-processing everything that is fed into the mainstream media. It is nearly impossible to discern truth from lies in today’s world when we constantly have been watching and hearing all that is fake around us. This says so much more about the people watching the news than the news channels trying to make millions out of a dodgy made-up story. What are we as individuals giving results that the media has to stoop so low and desensitize every news and story? We need to ask ourselves, are we going to change anytime soon? Or be a part of this vicious immoral circle.

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