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Mumbaikars Beat Awkwardness With Their Beats!!!

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Metros are Mumbai’s Jaan.

If you have ever been to Mumbai, you will know that if you need to go anywhere, Metros are the way to go about it.

The city’s hustle and bustle make it lively, as people from various backgrounds ride the metro to and fro from work.

When one thinks of taking the metro, the image of crowded compartments, long hours of standing, dull, boring rides, and awkward interactions with strangers come into mind.

From heading sleepily to work in the a.m. and returning home after a long and tiring day at work, metro rides can often get boring and uncomfortable.

The Why Loiter campaign took a fantastic initiative to break the taboo of how public transport is unsafe and to dispel the awkwardness that comes with riding with a bunch of strangers.

They broke the stranger-danger myth by making public transport more comfortable, joyous and rejuvenating by engaging them in the one and only cultural game: Antakshari!

Yes, you heard it right! Antakshari on metros.

Encouraged by the campaign members, passengers took part in an antakshari session from Versova to Ghatkopar.

What followed was a heart-warming and fun game of antakshari.

The teams got so engrossed in the game that a participating passenger was astonished that they had covered the long, wearisome journey to Ghatkopar in what felt like five minutes.

Taking to their Instagram page, Why Loiter posted videos of the joyful session.

The video shows women singing Laal Dupatta and the general seating team singing Wada Raha Sanam, some really famous classics.

It is so heartwarming, spirited, and hopeful that it will make even the coldest of us smile.

Human connections are so easy to make. With a culturally bonding activity we have all played at family gatherings, people connect and make memories that stay for a lifetime.

No one worried about the others’ background, religion, or gender, and they just vibed with the crowd and the session.

It shows that no matter who you are, positivity, love, and music are simple things that have the power to help us grow closer.

Music is the best and most soothing way of expressing yourself. No matter how awkward the situation is, music will always make you a part of something bigger and better. It helps you to know not only yourself but also the unknown around you.

As Louis Armstrong once said, “Music is life itself.”

So, if there is anything that you can always count on and depend on, it’s music. And obviously a good game of antakshari!

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