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Link Juice: Rank Higher In SERPs

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Not to alarm you, but webpages can get thirsty too. And chances are that your web pages are parched due to insufficient visitors. This kind of thirst cannot be satiated with spring water or sodas. It needs juice, a very specific one at that- Link Juice.

Link Juice in the search engine optimization (SEO) world is the industry slang for link equity- the measure of authority and value that one site can pass onto another via links. Link juice is a factor in determining where your page gets ranked in the search engine rank pages (SERPs). Search engines see links as votes by other websites indicating your website as valuable and worth promoting. Let’s understand how link juice works before discussing how they can help grow your business.

Suppose you have two websites: Site A and Site B. If all the other ranking factors are the same for both sites, and site A has two links while site B has one link, site A will rank higher due to the link juice it receives from two external sites linking to it. Of course, this assumes that all these sites’ authority is the same.

So, the more backlinks (incoming links) you gain to your website or webpage, the more authoritative your site is seen by search engines and the higher it will rank. In short, more link juice = more backlinks from authoritative sites.

You can think of it as a referral or recommendation. If you are looking for a good place to eat, you will give more importance to a recommendation from a close friend than one from a paid commercial by the restaurant itself. The same goes for link juice. Google establishes which sites have more weight by seeing the number of backlinks it has.

When Google crawls your page, it looks at all the incoming links to determine how authoritative your page is. Links from high-ranking and respected sites indicate that the target page is worth being among the top search results as they have relevant information that people would want to read. Backlinks are an important thread in the fabric of search engine optimization. Building links is one of the many ways to strengthen your visibility in the search engine and bring the right audience to your site. But how do you go about it?

You can do many things to optimize your site for your users and search engines. But the factor that you have the most control over is on-page SEO. These parts of your search engine optimization strategy are directly under your control, including title tags, mobile-friendliness, page experience, etc.; however, you cannot depend only on these factors to rank higher on search engines. This is where off-page SEO and link building comes in.

Off-page SEO includes aspects of your search engine optimization strategy that you do not have direct control over. Not having ‘direct’ control does not mean you have no control. You can take steps to ensure you earn high-quality links and bring in more link juice from other sites.

Managing your site’s link juice is an essential part of any comprehensive SEO strategy and greatly impacts your off-page SEO. How do you manage your link juice?

Find and fix any broken links: Broken links are links on a page that do not work due to issues such as:

  • Improper URL
  • Firewall restrictions
  • 404 redirects

Find such broken links on your pages and remove or fix them. Maintaining working links for your readers, as well as for bots to follow, will help in gaining more link juice. Broken links will hurt your search engine optimization.

Acquire good quality backlinks and avoid harmful ones: Harmful backlinks negatively affect your page’s performance. Examples of bad quality and harmful backlinks are:

  • Paying for links
  • Links from irrelevant websites
  • Links from websites that have not been indexed yet
  • Links from websites that have been set up just to provide backlinks

Good internal linking: Apart from linking to other authoritative websites, one must also ensure that all your pages are well-linked. A proper internal link structure can also help distribute value to other pages on your website.

Creating high-quality content that is updated regularly: when you publish high-quality content that benefits your readers, you will automatically start gaining more backlinks. How? Because people will want to share informative and relevant content with others in their field.

Obviously, this requires carefully scanning your website and existing content. Apart from this, you also have to reach out to publications that will be interested in guest posting your blogs. To make your process easier, consider a search engine optimization agency like Hats-Off that can help you understand how to get good quality juice. Remember that the algorithms are ever-changing, and having a team of experts to help you through will go a long way!

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