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Link Building -Why Is It Important In Search Engine Optimization?

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Acquiring high-quality links from established websites and domains to your website tells Google how much value your website or article has and determines the rank of your website or article on the Search Engine. SEO specialists agree that Link Building tactics are time-consuming but worth it.  With Google getting stricter policies for Search engine optimization services you have to be careful to not get into spammy techniques. Google guidelines defined for Link Building can get you on the first page whereas misuse can get you penalized. Google’s Penguin update is used to catch people spamming and misusing link building.

Diving into SEO you might have understood how important backlinks are for your website to determine your page rank on the Search Engines.

There are No-follow and do-follow links. The only difference is in the coding where when you declare a link as No-follow it tells Google not to transfer the link juice. The user cannot see it. Whereas a do-follow link is when you tell Google to transfer the link juice – you can direct it to another website or your article or page. The best SEO service providers will always guide your business and make SEO work for you.

Building links via adding it in directories, social media channels, blog commenting, posting forums, communities, and Q and A sites, while these are easy but links built this way have low value on Google.

Guest blogging by creating meaningful content, broken link building by informing the website admins,  PR article building, and Skyscraper technique are few ethical ways you should start following. Excessive link exchanges and buying or selling links are also negatively looked upon by Google.

Don’t buy but focus on earning links – it is when people find your website and content relevant, useful, and authoritative that they link to your website. Podcasts, interviews, link baits (awards, maps, surveys, etc), content promotion fall into this category.  You know when you hire the best SEO service they take care of all your SEO and you can stay worry-free.

Another method is to preserve the links by fixing 404 errors on your site that gain no value as well as reclaiming links that you have lost.

Other than having yourself listed on the first page of Google,Link building also benefits you in the following ways:


Building your brand with your expertise and authority in the niche is what your brand earns. You earn links with good content that educate and add value to the customers. When you have such content on your website other websites will link to you making your content valuable enough. Finding the best SEO agency in Pune and building your brand with the help of SEO.


Referral traffic – An high-quality link can get your website traffic. Once the link sends traffic it all depends on your website, content, and click funnels. Value-adding content leaves an impression on the customer’s mind and they do revisit.


Networking – Outreaching to other websites and niche companies in your industry for link building also creates a relationship with them. The common outcome is to get a link but indirectly you building long-term relationships in your industry, and these relationships mean your business becomes trustworthy.

Link building is important in SEO and so you should invest your time in building them. You can dive deep and get the best SEO agency in Pune to help you out with your SEO service.

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