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Let Festivities Build Goodwill!

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Religious festivals are woven into the culture of India. They are filled with love, celebration, joy, positivity, food, and music. For marketers, festivals are an excellent opportunity to reflect the same energy as their audience and connect with potential customers. Using the spirit of festivals, a brand can promote its products effectively, leading to greater sales and helping them create brand awareness. Think Cadbury’s Diwali special packs- the sales of the company increase during the festival of lights. Why? Because of effective festival campaigns and advertisements.

Festival ads have a special place in our hearts. From Moti sandal soap’s Diwali special advertisements to Cadbury’s #ShopsForShopless campaign, these ads give us a sense of nostalgia and feel-good vibes. Here is how effective festival marketing campaigns help brands and why you need to focus on them.

One ad that stands out in my memory is Saregama Carvaan’s Diwali Ad: #ShorYaSangeet. Aimed at pet owners, specifically dog owners, the short ad shows a dog scared and distressed due to the loud fireworks on Diwali. The owner then shuts all windows and proceeds to play Saregama’s music player. And although I was someone who was not particularly aware or interested in the Saregama Carvaan brand, as an animal lover, the ad touched a spot in my heart, leading me to research more about the brand. And the brand achieved a campaign purpose: Brand Awareness. By reaching out to a wide range of audiences through heartfelt advertisements, businesses can establish brand awareness among their audience. Whenever I think of firecrackers and dogs on Diwali, my mind immediately recalls the Saregama Music Player and its ad. Brand awareness may not always lead to potential customers, but it does help in establishing your brand in the minds of people.

Another way marketing during festivals can help by creating brand equity or brand recall. This occurs when you create a campaign that speaks to your audience’s emotions relating to a certain occasion. Moti Sandal Soap always comes around during the Diwali season. Why? Because on the morning of Diwali, people in Maharashtra take the ritualistic bath- Abhyanga Snan. This is incomplete without the ‘Utna”- a mixture of powdered fragrant Ayurvedic herbs. Utna is applied to the body before taking a bath at dawn. Moti used this essence of Utna in their advertising campaign, leading people to believe that this soap was to be used on Diwali. And this was back in the 90s. Since then, most people have used the Moti sandal soap for their traditional baths on Diwali. The brand Moti keeps itself alive on tradition and nostalgia. Using a crucial festival element, a brand can make itself memorable and boost its sales. Creating Brand Recall is achieved by making products more memorable and recognizable concerning a certain event.

Kuch Meetha Ho Gaye? Cadbury’s Diwali Celebration packs are well known. Cadbury gives its own twist to the practice on the tradition of eating sweets on the morning of festivals. So instead of having traditional desi sweets, now start your day with Cadbury’s chocolates. Plus, it makes for a great Diwali gifting option because people of all ages love chocolate. So how do Cadbury’s Diwali packs help in its sale? By addressing the pain points of its audience. Cadbury knows that people usually struggle to decide on gifts to give on Diwali. And it takes that aspect in its marketing campaign by giving a gifting option suitable for all ages and genders, helping it Boosting Sales.

In a saturated market, brands use the best marketing strategies to stand out from their competitors. As we see in the examples above, creating a unique advertisement that speaks to your customers, addresses their pain points, and creates a sense of nostalgia will help achieve brand awareness, create brand recall and equity, and consquently boost sales. When businesses invest in ads or festival posts, it helps them connect with people on an emotional level and creates relatability with the brand. The first step in brand building is creating brand awareness through relatability; festival campaigns help you achieve that.

The Indian community is crazy about festivals and always finds ways to celebrate them harmoniously. Brands should take advantage of this opportunity by presenting their services and products. This way, they can engage and retain their customers while creating brand awareness among potential prospects. If you are unsure what to post during the festival season, feel free to contact us. Hats-Off has a team of social media marketing experts and digital marketing specialists who will help you with brand building and generating leads.

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