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Is Traditional PR Here To Stay With The Onset Of New Age Media?

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A couple of years ago, not many individuals and organizations knew what is PR, and how important it is and the many benefits that are associated with it. A concept of a PR agency as well as seldom heard of and not considered as a major requirement for any organization. However, as years went by, and Public relations gained its popularity in both small scale and large scale companies, this became an entity of its own and it gave rise to the concept of PR agencies. Today, we have boutique PR agencies in Mumbai, Pune and all over India as well which serve multiple clients in different fields of services – Entertainment, Healthcare, Education, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, Restaurants, and many more such verticals.

So what does PR do? Public Relations aims at connecting and channelizing their clients with the correct medium form or media, giving the required exposure to a client and giving media platforms a story in return. It acts as a catalyst for executing and creating opportunities in many forms be it for the client or the media itself. PR can be done on freelancing or on an agency basis. However, having a PR agency on board has multiple benefits as it increases the credibility of the brand when it reaches out to a media and maintains a scale of professionalism and ensures a smooth workflow as well. Through good media relations, the client who would otherwise have to pay a huge amount to gain a feature in good publications gets it at a very minimal cost when it is done through a PR agency, based on the good relations that have been served between the agency and media for years.

There have been so many traditional media platforms in the past that have been considered of high value and are till date preferred due to its high credibility. PR agencies primarily focus on getting their clients featured on mainstream media such as mainlines, radio, television, top magazines. There are many clients who till date prefer these publications as their feature. PR agencies in Mumbai and Pune especially have a lot to bank on being the financial capital of India. This is considered as a cost-friendly and an effective marketing exercise that is meritorious and credible in nature.

With the rise in new age media , digital platforms and mediums such as twitter giving the people first-hand news, publications have become sidelines as high-end bloggers and influencers and other influential digital portals such as a Yourstory or Scoopwhoop are more into the limelight than never before. The reach is higher, faster, and more reasonable than the traditional means. Almost all the people rely on their phones rather than their morning newspapers to get their early morning news updates along with their cup of tea. But there is also a segment of the society who still prefer to flip a page in hand and read rather than scroll down the countless news post and filter the news they want to read accordingly. There is a lot you can get online, and newspapers prioritize and let you know what you need to know to avoid any unnecessary information overload.

While fake following and wrong and varied information spread are on the rise and a lot of unclear information with no valid sourcing is spread on new-age platforms, as a PR agency, we believe that Traditional PR measures which are in light with journalistic approaches and understanding, will always remain as a credible tool for clients, if not immediately, even later on in the long run.

Today when one reads an article online, it does make life convenient and easy while being on the move constantly. But some like to give it their time and read and understand in hand, especially when it comes to important information such as Rules, Regulations, and Policies. However, during the pandemic phase, to restrict the spread of the virus, print publications were currently on hold. Everything has moved to digital and we saw an increasing demand with social media actively being used, and bloggers and influencers reporting and marketing products and brands. But somewhere down the line, PR agencies though they are moving towards digitization, they know that traditional media is still here to stay and hence traditional PR activities do need to sustain as well.

Technology has advanced to a great extent, and PR agencies are using the platforms well to measure the effectiveness of their PR activities being undertaken. But can we completely rule out the old school PR form which has brought connectivity towards its end-user? As a PR agency, we don’t think this would work. As we move with the times it is also important to stay grounded to your roots which have made you grow to what you are today. Respecting journalism, its values, credibility, and also constantly working towards placing your client on the front page of the newspaper and convincing the journalist to use a story, and the satisfaction of seeing the story being featured in a prominent form in a media, where it is not easy for everyone or every client to reach is what is the true essence of PR.

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    August 5, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    Perfect description on PR and new age media


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