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Impact Of Influencer Marketing On Consumer Behavior

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The impact of influencer marketing on consumer behavior is comparable to that of the popular kid in school. People want to befriend them, know their interests and are willing to follow their direction. Today, social media influencers have different platforms to communicate their interests directly with their fans and followers, no matter how many. By knowing how the influencer-follower relationship works, brands and big labels can use influencer marketing to bring awareness and increase sales.


Know-how of the Impact of Influencer Marketing:

Influencers are content creators or bloggers, as well. They earn or cultivate a reputation for being an expert, or an enthusiast of, a particular topic. An Influencer has to regularly post, stream, or vlog about that topic and generates followers’ engagement. There are three types of influencers on social media platforms: mega-macro-micro and nano influencers.


Mega-influencers: Mega-influencers rank highest in the category of social media influencers. They have more than a million followers. Mega influencers have a very different audience with various topics of interest. The relationship of mega-influencers with individual members of their followership is considered to be more distant. They are not undoubtedly subject matter experts, but they contribute a lot of reach in one go. In having a substantially large following, mega-influencers offer brands with a notably greater reach, but at a very high cost.


Macro-influencers: Macro-influencers is a little less than the mega-influencers. You can identify the macro-influencers by their follower count, which should fall somewhere between 100,000 and one million followers. The average of macro-influencer lies somewhere between micro and mega. There is no exact reason that differentiates these categories. Suppose you are looking to target a particular type of audience but still want to reach the masses. In that case, a macro-influencer can be a better choice than a mega-influencer.


Micro-influencers: A micro-influencers have followers in between 1,000 to 100,000. Micro-influencers focus on specific topics and are generally regarded as experts or topic specialists. Micro-influencers have more effective relationships with their audience than a typical influencer. Their perception often drives this as an opinion leader of any subject matter. Micro-influencers have less following in comparison to mega and macro-influencers and don’t often boast celebrity status.


Nano-influencers: Nano-influencers are a relatively new breed of influencers. They tend to have a minimal number of followers in comparison to micro-influencers, less than 1,000 followers. Nano-influencers are those who influence within their community. They impact their local neighborhood or community and have the highest level of engagement. Increased engagement is the reason why many brands have started to place a larger focus on nano-influencers. Brands broader sensed by nano-influencers are considered more authentic, given the higher likelihood that the nano-influencer has a real-life relationship with most of their followers.


Who is the Right Social Media Influencer for your brand?

Suppose you want to choose the right social media influencer. In that case, you should first understand that the larger the audience, the less focused and centered it is likely to be. It is no coincidence that we see celebrities marketing green tea diet supplements, which have a widespread demand rather than something notably specific. That is why for the general promotion of products, celebrities and larger influencers should be considered.

Similarly, suppose a brand is selling a product or service for a specific target market. In that case, they should consider partnering with micro- or nano-influencers because they have a “narrow” audience.


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