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How Digitally Adaptable Have We Become?

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How Digitally Adaptable Have We Become?

Let’s take a walk in the past, there were iPods, mp3 players, radio sets, and we carried each of the items very carefully, isn’t it? As the years went by, we slowly got rid of them, so much so that today we don’t even store music in our smartphones. Today, we don’t even need a person’s help to guide us in the right direction to reach somewhere or take a translator along because all this your smartphone can easily do.

The question that often hits our minds is how quickly and easily it has become for all of us today to adopt the technology. Sometimes, it feels like we are being left with no choice but to choose only what is made available, and that’s quite obvious because all that you read in the first line has eventually reached the palm of our hands. On one hand, we are becoming adaptable, but on the other, we are also depending on it. Now, this is good or bad, we leave it to you think about it.

Right from ordering food to sharing pictures with friends, we are submerged in the technology and its power of performing online. We tend to become restless when our Wi-Fi shuts down for a while, we run out patience when our phone battery runs off, we turn violent when we can’t restore our lost data, and this will go on. Is this good? Even the gaming space, after the PUB-G ban in India, a youth killed himself because he couldn’t play the game anymore! Our storage devices are also becoming virtual, watching television has changed now, people prefer to stream online rather than waiting for a daily soap to begin and end at its own time and there is no objection to this. We are dealing with it smoothly without understanding the psychological pressure we develop for it.

And this gives a clear picture of our future. In the future, we might not even rely on these phones, we as humans will be installed with a device in our hands or in our heads connecting our ears, mind, and eyes so that we stay connected with technology all the time, you should watch UPLOAD, the series on Amazon Prime (P.S: Not promoting, just thought of it while writing).

We know the PROS of technology:

  • Business Efficient
    Long-distance communication is made more efficient. One can easily share documents, presentations, pictures, videos, etc. from one corner of the world to the other without moving a muscle.
  • Time-Saving
    Oh yes, Especially with the emerging apps, it’s become much easier to see the person on the other side in a snap.
  • Better Communication
    Mentioned already but yes, today you don’t need to worry about your wired phone line to do the talking for you. Easily pull out your phone and make a call in seconds.

CONS of Technology:

  • Extremely Dependable
    With each passing day, we are becoming more and more dependent on technology for almost every task without even realizing it – tasks that we spoke about above. In a lot of ways, that’s not a good path we’re going down!
  • Expensive
    Definitely yes, we don’t realize how much are we spending on our Internet Data, and the more data we opt for we pay more. There is always a conflict in the amount of data we get and the price we pay for it. But yes, other services that you opt for, for example, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, etc. and many other apps are expensive than we realize.
  • Manpower
    Ok now since technology has made it all easy for us in multi-tasking also, we don’t tend to rely on many hands. We know that one man can operate a computer and will be able to multitask in the stipulated time. Hence, the demand for manpower has gone down. But as and when the technology grows, we would be needing more hands to handle the technology, hope you get it.
  • Unsafe
    No-no! Never feel that you are safe online. Each activity of yours is seen, monitored, or learned by a machine to identify your behavior so that you can see what you want to see. Even when you talk about something with your friend, you will be surprised to see that what you spoke of is shown to you on your phone in the form of an ad. Your data, your bio, your pictures, etc. everything is accessible to an entity that cannot be tracked down by a normal person like you and me.

Now that we have understood all this, let’s share some of our opinions about it, cool?

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