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How Are PR Strategies Being Created To Adapt To The New Normal

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When Covid-19 commenced, it changed everyone’s lives and perspectives, and purchasing preferences overnight. Luxuries did not seem attractive as the need for necessities was more important. Eating at a high-end restaurant was not important but the availability of ingredients and essentials was important.

Due to this, many brands have faced huge setbacks with a series of lockdowns and unlocks taking place. Instagram was not as glamorous as it should be and people realized they can survive without so many things they thought they couldn’t survive without.

Now as things have begun normalizing, and with the economy picking up slowly, people are being very cautious when it comes to purchases and are prioritizing their needs and then considering spending on anything else. Hence, the first step that needs to be taken which building PR strategies are to create a need for a brand/product, and explain the importance of it. Sanitizations, disinfectants, and other such purchases went on a huge rise and many new brands were formed due to the high rising demand for the same.

It is also important to highlight the USP of the products and services and bring out a message in a clear cut manner. It is not the luxuries that were promoted earlier as to high end and state of the art haute couture but necessary details such as easy wash, zero contact cashless payments, or about matching safety and hygiene standards of international level. Popular ideas that suit the scenario such as do it yourself products are gaining acceptance and pr strategies need to adapt and create hype through campaigns and awareness drives to highlight these.

Digital events and live streaming are also important parts of a pr strategy since there has been a major shift in live events and streaming where one can remain connected virtually. Be it awards or webinars or panel discussions, or even launch events, there is huge scope for online digital events to become a part of the pr strategy plan. Influencers are playing a huge role as well with simple cooking recipes or ordering food delivery done safely at home.


Today all companies are having a growing need to engage in pr services and hiring an in-house pr team or outsourcing pr from an external reputed digital pr agency. Insights obtained from real-time data will be clearer and more on-the-spot than ever in the coming months and years. Today’s public relations practitioners should be prepared to back up how well their PR strategy works with quantitative data, especially at a time when a lean marketing and PR budget operates for many brands.


A good pr agency will incorporate and adapt to pr strategies keeping the needs of the client in mind and using the current situation to their benefit. Crisis management is a crucial part of pr strategies and every company should be able to deal with the negatives and positives associated with this. Last-minute letdowns are very common, and it is true that not always every strategy will succeed, hence it is important to continuously revise and keep updating on the same. Nobody knew last year covid-19 will set in and nobody knows as well what else do we have coming this year, but a good flexible pr strategy will help adapt with the times and situation and modified accordingly to suit the current market scenario. As earned media placements lead the way as the most relevant way to earn backlinks, the position of the SEO strategist and PR pro will continue to overlap.  Placements lead the way as the most relevant way to earn backlinks, the position of the SEO strategist and PR pro will continue to overlap.

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