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How Agencies Can Manage Multiple SEO Projects At Once

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The expert SEO tips can help you achieve maximum productivity and output while managing multiple SEO projects at once.

This blog is going to address the solutions on how SEO agencies stay organized with multiple SEO projects as well as how to stay attentive, as both these objectives go together.

  1. Make short term monthly deliverable schedules and stick to them:  

The procedure of SEO is difficult to understand for a lot of clients. Some of the Search Engine Optimization procedures are tangible, you cannot see them. For example, updating headings and interlinking. But on the other hand, updating canonical tags, alt tags, building links, and fixing error 404 is non tangible. Try to stay ahead of time with your work. So that your tangible work is justifiable. The digital marketing companies that offer SEO services plan out all the deliverables a month in advance and give the exact schedule to the clients. Once the month ends the monthly report includes all the deliverables that are completed, this procedure makes the SEO work quite understandable for the clients.

This undertakes three things:

  • Making a proper schedule can help the SEO agencies to demonstrate to the clients that they are meeting the actual deadlines.
  • It also helps in prioritizing the daily tasks, which can help you achieve the monthly goals.
  1. Understand the significance of project management software 

It is important to stay organized with multiple clients and projects. Once you set up a deliverable schedule like mentioned in the previous tip, upload the tasks onto your project management platform. On the project management software, you can check the specific performance of the organic metrics. Add a due date to the tasks at least 2-3 prior to the monthly deadline given to the clients. This allows the Digital marketing agencies a bit of wave to and fro to ensure that they are not late on any deliverables. Some of the project management platforms give an option to prioritize the tasks; all of this can surely help the SEO services providers and the digital marketing agencies to stay on track.

  1. Review your tasks every day:

After setting the project management software, set up your due date and the deliverables. With project management software it’s easy to manage and review your daily tasks.

Start your work by reviewing what tasks have been designated for the rest of the day, and check them when it’s done. Later in the week review what the upcoming tasks are so that you are already prepared. This can also help you to focus on one client at a time. Group all the multiple tasks of one client and work on them altogether.

Digital marketing agencies are known for delivering the best SEO services as they can focus on multiple clients at one single time. They have professional SEO experts to deal with multiple clients at a single point.

Steps to be kept in mind while onboarding the clients as an Agency

Always try to be friendly with your clients, make good relations with them. They can refer you to other people in the future when they like your work.

Client Management:

Client management is sending out monthly reports, keeping a track of different clients, creating link-building campaigns, etc. You have to form a strategy to manage the contract life cycle of each client. This procedure can be a little tricky.

Tracking the campaign progress of the Clients:

Track individual campaign performances which include rank tracking, on-page reports, monitoring links.

Getting the Most out of Clients:

Build personal relations with clients. Use the best SEO and traffic campaigns that contribute to your ROI. Write content for them and sell it, you will yield the best returns with it.

Overcoming Issues with Clients

It is always a hardball game to deal with tricky clients. The immediate response to the Digital marketing agencies issue should be to comfort the clients. If a client disagrees with a plan or they have a problem with something then try to come up with solutions.

Lastly, give a detailed report that has a lot of information, this makes the clients see professionalism and gives them a strong, robust overview of what your agency has been doing.

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