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Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign: How Will It Redefine Patriotism?

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As India prepares to mark its 75th anniversary of independence, PM Narendra Modi has initiated the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign. It requires participants to display the Tiranga in their homes from 13th-15th August to mark the celebration of Independence Day.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister invited people to use the national flag as their profile picture on their social media accounts from August 2nd to 15th.

The relationship that many have with the flag is institutional and very personal. However, the campaign has raised several critical issues that cannot be ignored –

• By making common people the torchbearers for this 75th Independence Day celebration, will the campaign help showcase true love for the nation, or will this become an opportunity to show off one’s selfie-taking skills during this event?

• While it is commendable to allow the general public to hoist the flag, many people are unaware of the correct methods & rules that they must follow while hoisting the Tiranga. Will this not result in the mockery of the solemn occasion?

• Even if it is not compulsory to partake in the campaign, the mere act of not uploading the Tiranga as your profile picture may become a supposed act of rebellion. With the ongoing communal tension in the country, is it wise to require people to prove their patriotism and love for the country by showcasing the Tiranga?

• The campaign can potentially also divide the people. For instance, if your neighbor does not display the Tiranga outside their home, does this indicate their lack of love for the nation? Will this not create hostility between neighbors, resulting in a further division of our community?

• There are no merits for the act of uploading Tiranga as your profile picture on social media. Will uploading / not uploading the image of the Tiranga become a benchmark for patriotism?

Patriotism is an inbuilt character that does not have to be proven or broadcasted to the world by showcasing Tiranga outside your homes, posting selfies with it online, or keeping the Tiranga as your profile picture on social media.

For the past 74 years, India has celebrated Independence Day with much vigor and excitement. Even if there might have been divisions and conflicts all year round, August 15th was a day for everyone to cast aside their differences and celebrate the occasion together as a country.

With the coming of this campaign, many people will be forced to showcase the flag just to avoid conflicts and to get access to amenities. In Haryana, ration shops owners are refusing rations to the people who do not buy the Tiranga. How can we expect people who do not have enough money to eat and fulfill their basic necessities, to buy a flag for displaying in their homes? How is it even okay to deny someone food just because they cannot partake in a campaign?

What does this incident speak about our compassion and empathy towards the poor of this nation?

Is it fair to create further division by facilitating an environment to belittle your fellow citizen’s patriotism based on their decision to display or not display the Tiranga?

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