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Google Rolls Out New Core Algorithm Update

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Google’s core algorithm update- the May 2022 Core Update- was officially completed on June 9. Here is all you need to know about the latest May 2022 core update and how it will affect SEO.

What are Core Updates?

With over two trillion searches performed each year, it is no surprise that Google often updates its algorithm. Last year, it launched more than 3000 changes to Google Search. And this year, the search engine published a Google core update.

Core updates are designed to make search results more user-relevant. Unlike other launches, a Google core update makes significant and broad changes to the search algorithms and systems of the search engines.

This is why core updates get a lot of attention while most launches go unnoticed, as their effects are noticed on the search results.

Core Updates ensure that the search engine presents relevant and authoritative content to searchers.

Google May 2022 Broad Core Update

A broad core update is a global update not specific to any region, language or website category. So, it does not target a specific website.

The purpose of these updates is that Google gets better at assessing content and determining what pages have the best answers to users’ queries.

These changes will boost pages that were previously under-rewarded, and some websites may face drops.

How to know if the Core Update has affected your website

Look for these signs if you are worried that the May 2022 core update has negatively impacted your website.

Decreased rankings:

Whenever a broad update happens, search engine optimization specialists look at search engine results pages (SERPs). Your ranking on the search page can tell you whether the core update affected your site positively or negatively. For this, your search engine optimization agency will monitor your rankings before drawing a conclusion about this effect.

Decrease in traffic:

A core Google update will also affect your organic traffic. If your rankings in search results drop, it negatively affects your website traffic. You may notice a dramatic drop in traffic depending on your before and after rankings. As a search engine optimization (SEO) agency, we compare our clients’ traffic year-over-year (YOY). Apart from this, other metrics are also measured, like bounce rate.

Once we determine that the broad Google Search update has impacted the site, we will start making improvements to the website.

You can always reach out to us at Hats-Off if you need help with a search engine optimization audit or consultation.

What are the takeaways from May 2022 Core Update?

As is typical of Google, the search engine does not provide any specific feedback about how search engine optimization specialists can prepare for this broad core update.
However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do to improve your rankings after a broad core update. There are a few steps to help recover your website’s rankings:

  • Remember that a little instability in website rankings is common after a broad core update. This is why you need to take a couple of weeks to observe your rankings and then check the rankings.
  • Review your content as per Google’s E-A-T guidelines.

E-A-T is an acronym that Google uses to describe the best practices for optimizing content to rank well on the search engine. It stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. This means your content should demonstrate that you are an expert in your niche, come from an authority position, and your users find you trustworthy.

  • Build powerful backlinks.

Links are an important ranking factor when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). This is why you need to assess your backlink profile and which websites link to your site. Your search engine optimization agency will assess which sites link to yours, and this will help in discovering which are high-quality links (from a reputable and leading site) and which are spam.

When to start reworking on your site?

Search engine optimization takes time, and this is why you should not wait around for too long after a Google core update to start working on your website. Once you see that your rankings are getting affected 1-2 weeks after the update, you will want to start immediately by first reviewing Google’s standard, then auditing the content and improving your backlinks

If you need help with your website, contact Hats-Off for a search engine optimization service.

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