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Google Announces New Helpful Content Update: Sites Might Have To Rethink Their Content Creation Strategies

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UPDATE ALERT: Google is bringing in “helpful content update” which will devalue content written for search engines.

The new content update “aims to better reward content where visitors feel they’ve had a satisfying experience, while content that doesn’t meet a visitor’s expectations won’t perform as well.”

The algorithm update aims to ensure that users see more original, helpful content rather than content written primarily for the search engine. In other words, content authored by people, for people will be rewarded.

As a searcher, you must have come across web pages that are among the top searches on the search engine, but when you visit them, you find naught.

Google’s new algorithm will downgrade non-helpful websites while giving traction to more helpful websites designed for humans rather than the search engine.

Here is how you can avoid getting your website downgraded by Google’s new update:

Focusing on people first content

This one is commonsensical, yet many people fail to follow it. If your services and products are made for humans, so should your website and content that promotes them.

Many businesses make the mistake of writing content whose main aim is to rank higher on the search engine rather than providing value to the reader.

A visitor to your site should have a satisfying experience where they get something of value from your content. Some pointers to keep in mind when creating content for your site are:

• Have a target or existing audience who finds the content helpful. Your content should be useful for a visitor who comes directly to you and should not feel the need to clarify their question elsewhere. This means creating precise, accurate, and clear content that aims to educate the reader on your niche.
• Your content should display your expertise and knowledge of your field. Positioning yourself as an authority will build trust in your visitors regarding your services. Your readers should learn from your content, and it should help them achieve their goals.
• Ensure that your site has a primary focus and purpose. How will your content help your readers? What do you aim to achieve with your content?

Stop creating search engine-first content

Although it is important to follow SEO guidelines, it should not become the be-all and end-all of your content. SEO works best when it is applied to people-first content. Content that is created primarily for the search engine will be highly unsatisfying for the user. So as a digital agency, we did our research and found some things that Google advises websites to avoid to create content that is not focused on SEO:

• Stop producing content on different topics hoping that some of it might perform well on search engines. If you go haywire with your content strategy, you will not be attracting relevant users and leads.
• Do not simply summarise what others have to say. Add value to your content by adding your opinions on the subject.
• Don’t write on trending topics simply to gain an audience. Create content that helps your existing audience understand your services better, rather than aiming to find new, irrelevant readers.
• This might sound recurrent by now, but just stop writing on niches you have no expertise in. Your content is not to gain traffic but to help your readers. Stop doing it for views!

A few final things to keep in mind

Here are some final notes regarding the new content update:

• The classifier process is entirely automated and uses a machine-learning model to sift through the content.
• Currently, it is set to target content in English but will expand to other languages in the future.
• It is a new, weighted signal; thus, sites with lots of unhelpful content may get strongly affected.
• People-first content will rank higher even if the site it is published on has loads of unhelpful content.

If you struggle with creating people-focused content while incorporating the best search engine optimization strategies, reach out to us. We provide website content writing services that will help you woo your audience while also boosting your search engine rank.

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