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Five Ways To Incorporate Trending Topics In Your Blog Post

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We spend hours thinking about how to improve and create attractive content for our readers. Technology today with the best of SEO services has paved a guiding path on what the internet users search for on the world wide web and what is the type of content and issues of interest to them. Topics of interest in the internet world go viral with a trending hashtag and suddenly it becomes all that everyone is talking about. A good SEO agency or service provider will gauge the current trending topics into your blog post or create a blog post out of the same.

Keep track of the current trends online – If you run a food blog, you cannot miss mentioning the Dalgona Coffee that became a huge trend during the lockdown, and the recent Hot Chocolate and Tea Bombs that are gaining a huge fanbase. The advantage of search engine optimization service is that it gives you good content by itself, and you do not need to struggle so much to seek the same. What will make your content richer and of interest to your readers is to just incorporate the same in your blog post.

Ensure you have good social media and content writing hold in your blogpost – Agencies today provide 360 degrees services which include social media and SEO and good content writing services, and all of them work hand in hand together to create the perfect blog post to get the right reach, engagement and following in return. With Social Media, Content, and SEO agency services used all together, you just cannot go wrong in writing a piece of art that can reach out to those of common interest who are even miles apart.

Use tools for finding popular content on social media – There are so many tools online which can assist in finding the best trending topics that are ongoing which are free or available at a minimal cost. Some of them are Epicbeat, Trendsmap, BuzzSumo, Google Trends, Curator (by Twitter), Hashtagify, What’s Trending, Social Mention, Moz Content, and Content Gems.

The focus should now be on-topic clusters rather than keywords – With the use of A.I, we are now able to understand the needs and intentions of the customers, such as most searched topics, most searched queries, etc. This helps us gauge our SEO trends on what the customers are looking for and what are the issues being faced and what are the possible solutions that can be offered. Just looking at keywords alone now is not sufficient, good context is essential as well.

However, research well on your keywords – Keywords still matter it’s not that they don’t. It is these keywords that connect you to the end-user if SEO services have been used in the right manner. These trending topics and engaging content with the right use of keywords can make a blogpost engaging, interactive and also reach out to the right people who have the interest based on these particular topics.

Digital advertisements such as Facebook ads and banner ads also have played an important role in promoting a blog post that has trending and engaging content. Quoting and sharing opinions and tweets and adding supportive data to back your statements are additionally other ways to incorporate trending topics in your blogpost. The content was, is, and will always remain king, be it in print or on digital platforms.  When good content is produced that caters to the interest of the readers, there are high chances that the blogpost can get high views and can be placed on the page mentions of google search.

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