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Embrace Your Inner Child

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Maybe it was the casual dress code of the day, the cancellation of tedious, long class hours, the weirdly delicious free meal from school, the day full of celebrations, the strictest of teachers overlooking our silliness, or the blissful exhaustion at the end of the day- signifying a day well spent- we all have a different memory of celebrating Children’s Day. And as one grows older and goes into high school and then college, watching children celebrate their day evokes a nostalgia of memories and bittersweet emotions.

While adulting has its pros, nothing about it compares to a child’s carefree and magical life. Slowly we grew up, and along with it, so did our emotions and behaviors. We put down our toys; we stopped playing. We became more structured, mulled over our words, desperately trying to fit in the label of adult stuck on us.

While we often think of what we can teach children this Children’s Day, let’s go the other way. Let’s learn some things from children. We still have that inner child inside us- we only have to embrace it. Here are some things that we as adults can pick up from children:

Indulge Your Curiosity

Many of us experienced a child asking embarrassing questions out loud in public. Why? Simply because they are curious. Children push buttons, turn knobs, and have a million questions about literally everything. They don’t burden themselves with thinking what others think of it.

We also have a little person inside of us who wants to learn new things. We are simply afraid of failure, of being ridiculed or mocked. So let go of that crippling fear, remember to be innovative, ask questions, and explore the unknown. Learning can bring so much joy and self-fulfillment- and it is time we start doing it again.

Focus On The Small Things

As adults, we condition ourselves to feel happy only with big things. We need that expensive dress from the boutique, the latest smartwatch, and a big car. We have set so many conditions to achieve happiness.

Children, on the contrary, feel happy and excited at the smallest of things. That beautiful flower in the garden, a cute dog, a new pencil, or a word of appreciation from their favorite teacher- the things that bring a child happiness is infinite and small. This is a virtue we need to pick up as adults. We are too focused on big things and often miss out on the small blessing and miracles happening for us.

Try New Things

Kids are not afraid to try out new things. Meeting a new neighbor, attending a new school, and making new friends. They have a zest for life that we have suppressed. There are so many videos trending that show a 1-year-old child swimming in a pool or another trying to pet a dog much larger than itself. Even the very act of a baby learning its first steps hold inspiration. Children are not afraid of the consequences. They don’t think about what will happen after.

The only reason we have for not being able to try something new is the fear of failure and the fear of being judged. What if your new neighbor thinks you are weird, what if you stutter while talking, what if we try that activity and an accident occurs, and so on. Trying out new things will eliminate anxiety and bring great joy and satisfaction.

Feel Your Feelings

Children wear their emotions on their sleeves. When they are happy, they laugh and smile. When they are sad, they cry. When they are angry, they show it. As adults, we have grown accustomed to wearing a mask. We deny them, suppress them, lock them up and force ourselves to show emotions others want to see. But sad things are sad. Hard things are hard. Getting older doesn’t change that.

Forgive Others More Often

Children tend to fight over the smallest of things- as do adults. But the thing about kids is that they don’t hold grudges. They fight, they bicker, and they get upset. Then they apologize, and they make up. One moment they are angry; the next, they come running to hug you. This forgiveness is something we need to learn from them. Adults need to know how to forgo their egos and relieve themselves of all the grudges and hatred. Forgiving others can save many of our relationships and help us live peacefully.

14th November is all about celebrating children. So, let’s make this one about learning from them. Embrace your inner child- feed your curiosity, try new experiences, acknowledge your feelings, and wear your heart on your sleeve.

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