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Dealing With Critical Clients – The Art Of Business Development

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Dealing With Critical Clients – The Art Of Business Development

They say, your Network is your Net Worth. A good agency is client-centric and growth driven towards the client as well as the agency. The more clients you have on a business portfolio, the more credibility is gained. Success stories and case studies are added feathers in the cap. But there is a story behind every client as every client is different and the journey with each of them differs. Not all clients are as easy going be it the ones you have developed a good rapport with. You cannot please everybody, and it is hard to satisfy and match up to unrealistic expectations. It is important to make the client realize at times that you are the expert on board and what you will suggest is in the best interest of the client. With experience and expertise, and tried and tested means, agencies who have a good clientele history in different verticals are aware of what would work best for them. However, it is also important at the same time to hear out the client and try and work towards their requirements, as they are the ones who are investing in the agency.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Designers very often go through the umpteen number of changes that need to be made. It is recommended for agencies to set a limit of changes that can be made for the client, as it is impossible to remain stuck on one design, how will the designer progress and how will the work get completed on time in this manner. Content writers also face similar problems with constant edits on write-ups, it is good to improvise but without compromising on moving ahead with the work. A good business development team makes certain points clear cut right from the start with the client, be it on edits or financial terms. Payments should be discussed in a prior stage, and everything should be explained with a proper break-up on the finances. What will be offered, what are the expectations, what would be the duration of the project, or would it be on a retainer ship basis, and so on. On completion of a project, a proper closure report should be submitted on measuring the effectiveness of the work that has been done.

Networking and being a part of various groups and associations, social gatherings and corporate events are some other ways too promote your business and get clients on board. Learning the art of business development also counts on knowing who is serious about working with you and getting the job done and who is out there to just while away their time and yours as well. Time is money they say, ensure you have added value to every minute you have spent over talking about your business and promoting it to others. A good business model should be prepared by a business development team that will have a direct connection with the clients wanting to come to you themselves rather than you going to them asking for the business. Showcase and highlight all the good work that is done by the agency, and the rest will just follow.

You may bring good clients or difficult clients on board, but in the end, a client is a client. An agency builds brands, but it does not take time for a client to give a negative review or feedback to others on not meeting up to the client’s satisfaction. Good and happy clients also have the potential to refer you to others who would possibly be their close friends as well. One business deal done well is opening doors to many others. Let your work speak for you, and the client sooner or later will realize, that you did a good job for them, and in the end, they will come back to you and work with you, as they know that nobody else will do the job better than you. People make businesses, and businesses do not make people. Once we realize this, everything falls into place and is dealt with automatically.

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