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Dawn Of The Machines: Are AI Writing Tools Really Better Than Content Writers?

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Writing is art. Writing persuades. Writing makes one stop and think. It influences and changes the lives of those who consume it. A well-written piece is like your favorite snack; you get hooked on it and will indulge in it over and over.

This is why writing has been around for ages. At first, it was used for recording information, then for communication, and at later stages, it became a source of entertainment and persuasion. Content writing is the culmination of these four aspects: a tool of mass communication meant to inform and persuade the reader in an entertaining manner.

Content writing is not limited to blog posts or articles, it includes different formats, including:

  • Video scripts
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Podcasts
  • Website pages
  • YouTube video descriptions
  • White papers

Without good content writing, you would not have interactive videos, informative white papers, entertaining social media posts or even video games! So yes, writing is the foundation of pretty much any piece of content you publish.

The person responsible for creating this content is the content writer who works to create engaging and enticing pieces of writing. However, with the advancement in AI (artificial intelligence) technology, many things- including content writing– that were once performed by individuals like us are now carried out by machines. Some examples of AI technology used in everyday life are Google Maps, AutoCorrect and Spotify recommendations.

Using AI in content writing is not something new. Writers have been taking the help of AI technology for years for grammar correction, creating financial reports, checking plagiarism and more. However, AI is now integrated into more content writing in new ways.

AI technology is used to generate social media content, conduct competitive analysis, and even create articles and online content by analyzing a topic. Using tools for content writing definitely makes the process of content writing easy, but is it wise?

AI technology is changing the entire workflow of writing, right from research to proofreading. Here are some reasons why AI writing tools might prove to be a better choice than hiring content writers:

  1. Higher Efficiency

When AI generates content, it takes much less time to create. All you have to do is enter a few details related to your topic, and BOOM, you’re done!

  1. Better quality control

AI will automatically watch out for mistakes and errors so that there is not much to edit before uploading the content.

  1. Generates more content

Better efficiency equals more content. Marketers will have more content to post than ever before. This might also give them more opportunities to connect with a wider audience.

Now here’s why content writers are a better choice compared to AI tools:

  1. More Creativity

It is nearly impossible to get a human touch with AI technology. Unlike writers, AI cannot write witty and unique content that speaks to the audience. Nobody wants to read a monotone article or blog that lacks life, right?

  1. Do not simply rely on the algorithm

AI tools rely entirely on Google’s algorithm to create SEO-friendly content. However, writers know that creating great content takes a lot more than simply following the algorithm.

  1. Relatability

AI lacks the ability to use the nuances of language to create writing that quite literally touches the hearts of its audience. On the other hand, writers use language to make writing more engaging and interesting for their readers and use context that makes it relatable.

While AI has some pros, it also has vital drawbacks. Remember that in the end, content is created for humans and not for the search engine. Therefore, rather than focusing on making it rank higher and optimizing it for search engines, we should focus on creating more relatable, engaging and meaningful content for readers.

Future of Content Writing

What does this all mean for content writing? Whenever any technology enters a certain niche, the first thing that people worry about is losing their jobs. However, this is not the case.

AI editors have been around for a few years now, but we still need human editors. The ideal workflow would be to use both AI and humans. Content can be produced faster, while humans can add creativity and uniqueness.

So at the end of the day, AI should be used to assist the writing process, not to replace it.

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