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Current Trends In Digital Marketing

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The current scenario of COVID-19 has majorly affected the economy around the world. But today we all have a benefit of increased connectivity through the internet which is helping a lot of companies to continue their operations even during this pandemic. Despite not being able to start our offices physically we can connect with all our clients and plan things through the internet.

During this pandemic there’s a huge impact on human beings which is the major reason for not starting the workplaces or starting it with a lesser number of employees, keeping in mind their safety. Nevertheless, we can actively contribute to our economy as we have a huge benefit of the digital reach in our country. Digitally, business and economy can fight against a massive financial burden to a certain extent.

Therefore, we have listened to some key digital marketing service trends which are worth focusing on amidst the current situation and help in increasing responses followed by successive sales.

Interactive Content

These days we all are content creators that are trying to reach an audience. Therefore, as a content writing service providers, we need to give our readers a professional approach that should be unique. Our content should be a mixture of consulting, educating, entertaining, interacting, and visual written content. As any successful interactive content will allow a user to dive in and enjoy the process of it without feeling targeted for motive marketing. For instance, polls, quizzes, shoppable posts or 360-degree videos, etc. This is an old concept that will be very useful and help businesses in various ways as it gives your audiences to stay on your page and share your post further making your page reach to more number of people. Also, people love to quietly interact these days!

Shoppable Posts

We all have witnessed brands coming up with shoppable posts which helps their potential customers to get details of the products and buy them directly through that particular post on social media. A lot of surveys also stated that about 60 percent of social media users discovered a certain product on Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform. These platforms have shown a huge development of e-commerce stores. Brands have taken note of this fact and have turned these pages into visual stores and started its social media advertising. This helps them in both creating traffic for their page and also increasing the sales. It came into notice in the last year but currently, it has become a norm for all the brands for the products and sales.

Social Messaging Apps

Currently, social media apps are not just used for connecting with your friends and family but also becoming popular for business communication with their customers. According to a study, people are using more social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger, etc. rather than social media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Facebook messenger exchanges over 10 billion individuals as well as business messages each year. These apps are helping customers to be in direct contact with the companies and allow personalized services which as a result are building more trust among them. Social messaging apps help businesses in establishing contact and building relationships with their customers individually, educating the potential customers about their product and services, boosting business sales, providing customer support, and a lot more which every customer likes!

Visual Search

Visual search is a technology that helps people to search for anything using an image instead of keywords. It is already being used by some apps like Amazon, Pinterest, Google, etc. In this you just need to click a picture of anything you want to search like the type of clothes or a book that you want to buy and upload it on the search engine, the uploaded picture will be used to find the result and it will be displayed on your screen. Visual search is not very popular but it is one of the easiest ways to find what you want. A study states that 62 percent of the millennials these days wish to use it rather than any other type of search as they find it more convenient helpful and time-saving. Also, it has been predicted by a lot of (SEO)search engine optimization services in India that the future of search will be taken over by pictures rather than keywords. Therefore, to be visible and up to date be on the list of some pioneering companies to initiate visual search and the future of your company will be secured!

Influencer Marketing

It is a way to attract potential customers through some people who already have a social presence. It can be called as word of mouth marketing which uses social media influencers to inform the audience about their product or services. The influencers are usually someone who has a huge number of organic followers like Instagrammers or YouTubers. Some brand-building services stated that about 63 percent of customers trust influencer’s opinions of any product and services and around 58 percent of people tend to buy products because of their recommendations.

As you know, technologies change every moment. Therefore, to be on the right track always know what’s best for your business growth and be adaptive!

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