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Challenges Faced By Digital Marketing Agencies With The Increase In Demand For Growing An Online Presence

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We are all entangled into a virtual world today. We research and do our homework online, most of our office work revolving around the work from home culture is online. We connect with our colleagues and peers and even family, near and dear ones as well as acquaintances online. We attend meetings online through Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. We browse products and make our purchases online, and even have them delivered to our doorstep. Even social media has become a shopping destination, with Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping becoming a reality. There are virtual assistants in the form of chatbots to assist you with any queries, and act as a mediator between your brand and the client.

From this, we can gauge the heavy dependence on the digital world, and the pressure to get into digital marketing services and increasing inquiries post-Covid 19 is extremely high. While some companies expect immediate results, some realise that they have etched a mark and created an online presence and reputation for themselves for a lifetime. Below are some challenges addressed along with guidelines that will help sail through challenges for any Digital Marketing Agency:

  1.  You can’t afford to waste time or money on content or keywords that are too broad or poorly targeted as SEO and paid ads to become more competitive. A buyer persona, which allows you to imagine and better understand your average customer, is one of the best tools for targeting the right audience. Another useful way is to create polls to gauge a better understanding of your customers and interact with them more on your blog/social media.
  2. When many service-based companies compete for more targeted leads, expect a competitive market. Paid advertisements, such as those on Facebook and Google, are likely to increase in price. Digital Marketing Agencies who are savvy use less expensive lead generation techniques like LinkedIn networking, video marketing, and creating digital platforms like webinars and virtual conferences.
  3. Cash flow management will be especially important for business owners and marketers. Getting lean and reducing needless spending will help. Moving part or all of your business online, fortunately, will save you money on expenses like an office or retail space. Businesses with a steady stream of customers may want to consider invoice factoring as an innovative financing choice.
  4. Content was, is, and will always remain King, and will remain a crucial aspect to generate engaging content. Customers and prospects always keep a lookout for new material that educates them and leads them to a solution. Interactive content is popular with audiences because it allows them to voice their opinions, such as short-form videos, live-streaming material, podcasts, and Instagram and Facebook stories.
  5. Since a website can draw visitors from any country, you must comply with any laws that apply to the population of your target audience. Make sure your website’s policy on cookies, data sharing, and privacy is clear. Keep in mind that staying compliant in areas like data storage is essential.
  6. Another rapidly rising concern that all website owners should be aware of is accessibility. People with visual, hearing or other disabilities may use an accessible website. Also, since not everybody can use a mouse, make sure users can access your site using only their keyboards.
  7. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly to take advantage of the ever-growing mobile industry. All functionality should be tested on a variety of devices. Customers should be able to quickly add products to their online shopping cart, check out, and pay via mobile devices. It’s also worth noting that large images and videos can take longer to load for smartphone users.
  8. It’s no longer sufficient to concentrate all of your resources on a single marketing channel, such as email or Facebook. You want to make it easy for your fans, subscribers, and customers to stay in touch with you no matter where they are. This does not imply that you must be present at all times. Concentrate on the social media sites where your target audience is involved. The key is to create a seamless experience that allows people to quickly transition from one activity to the next.
  9. You want your customers to think of you as an expert in your field. You’ll also want to develop a distinct brand identity that will help you build a loyal customer base. In a competitive market, you must go beyond providing high-quality goods and services. Give them additional benefits like an extended warranty on the product or a feel-good experience of an after-sales service where they know they can come back to you for any issue.
  10. With Google remaining the largest search engine conglomerate, it is important to remain up to date with the current Google’s Algorithms, Features, and Rules. Local businesses must ensure that their Google My Business listing is correct and up to date.
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