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Building Trust With Your UX Design

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For people to buy your products or services, you will first need to build trust with them- that’s easier said than done. How do you actually go around building trust with your audience?

There are various ways a brand can build trust and make people feel safe on your platform, but one of the subtle and important ways is through UX design or user experience design. First, let’s understand why brand trust is important.

Imagine you are walking down a street, and you spot a clothing store. It has cloudy windows, fading signs, and a dirty entrance. You cannot even see what kind of clothes they are selling. How likely are you to go into the store, much less buy from such a poorly branded and maintained shop? The same goes for your website.

To build brand trust, your website must be clean, well-maintained, and consistent. This can be achieved by incorporating a great UX design into your online brand-building strategy. There are seven key steps to improve your user experience. Let’s go through them.

Being Consistent

Nothing makes a brand seem more suspicious than inconsistency. Consumers like experiences that are predictable and live up to their expectations. Everything must be consistent- from your social media platforms to content, color scheme, typography, and tone. When your design drastically changes when a user is navigating your website, it could make them feel lost and confused, even making them feel as if they have navigated to another website. A professional brand-building services agency like Hats-Off can help you keep a consistent look and feel on all your platforms.

Building A Secure Site

Feeling safe in a given environment goes a long way in trusting someone. The same goes for a website. If your website is secure, people will have no issues making online transactions on your website. As a website development agency, we understand the importance of creating secure websites. Get your website secured today with us for creating a great user experience.

Being Transparent

Are you using cookies to track user behavior on your website? Let them know! Customers nowadays are savvy and need to know everything about your product and policies before purchasing from you. Being transparent will help you build trust with your customers and go a long way to establishing brand loyalty.

Functionality Is Key

After your design comes the functionality of the website. Make sure you have a properly functioning website. It sounds simple, but many website owners neglect this. Performing an SEO audit on your website will help you find any errors. Check your website on all devices and screen sizes to ensure it is compatible with all of them.

Run a security scan on your website and check for any broken links and 404 errors. 404 errors and broken links are some of the worst user experiences you can deliver.

Recommendations And Testimonials Matter

Leveraging your brand with customer testimonials and past well-known clients will help establish trust with your audience. Seeing a familiar logo or celebrity on a website helps create trust among the audience. This is the reason why many brands work with celebrities in their print and TV promotions. They are building brand awareness and trust among that celebs’ fan following. Incorporate testimonials and a brand logo section in your UI design for a better user experience and to increase brand trust.

Engage Them On Their Preferred Platform

Connecting with your customers and getting them to engage with your content is one of the biggest markeirng do’s of the digital world. Millennials want a brand that comes off as caring and dependable. Engaging with your customers on the platform they use the most can show that your company cares about its people and clients. Your UX design must be engaging on every level. This means having a chatbox to quickly solve customer queries or interact with them on social media platforms. Hats-Off can help you with a social media marketing strategy to allow a better user experience.

Content Is Still King

Good content goes a long way. A typo in your marketing ad copy or blog will turn off any reader and make them lose trust in your brand. After all, who would want to hire a company that cannot work on itself properly? Get a content writing service to create content that keeps users engaged, whether it is a blog, website content, or marketing ads. A beautiful and UX-optimized website makes no sense if you put low-quality content.

Putting well-researched articles on interesting topics will help drive traffic to your website. Make sure your blog section is a design masterpiece that covers all the UX fundamentals, from information architecture, color, and typography to speed optimization.

Whether you are a well-established company or a fresh start-up, brand building can help you give a better user experience. Being consistent, transparent, engaging, and functional with your content and having a UX-optimized website will help you build trust.

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