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Building an Engaging Facebook Community for Your Brand

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We all are very well aware of the Facebook Groups, you get invites to join the group, or you need approval from the group admin to let you in. But believe it or not, Facebook groups really work if built well, particularly an engaging community. A brand when builds a community shows that the brand is willing to communicate with its customers; they want everyone to get along, share their experiences, learn about updates, and so on. The brand gets a pretty much dedicated and loyal band of followers. Another plus point is that this community will sing your praises, share your content, and connect with you if they wish to buy a new product. So, get a social media marketing agency that meets your objective of creating a Facebook Group!

Having said that, never think that building an engaging Facebook Group will be easy.

Of course, if you do the right things and come at this with the right intentions, you can turn your group into a place where your customers come together to share your brand experience with you, consistently. So how do we build a group like this? Well, here we go…

  • Easy to access and communicate:

Facebook users like easy-peasy stuff. So, considering the fact you do not want spammers in the group, set questions for your customers that can easily relate to them. This step to let them in the group verifies their authenticity as your customer. So let them in and communicate, remember, communication is both ways.

Make sure to post like an actual human and don’t try to up-sell every time. Don’t show that you are trying to get more out of your current customers. Communication is the foundation of all that you do, which means you need to make it easy for your followers to talk to you.

  • Give value:

Building an engaged group isn’t really about grabbing peoples’ interest. That’s not comprehensive thinking. Promotion is a must but it should have some etiquette especially when you are in a group. On the contrary, people will only engage with you if you provide them with value.

And value starts and ends by beginning to resolve and the answer. In other words, if you want to build a real sense of community among your customers, you need to make their life easy.

  • Decide a Time for a Giveaway:

Contests or giveaway attracts your customers like nothing else. It always works, decide a giveaway with your product for your current customers and you will see how it generates the right demand in them. Give them a simple task – survey, pop-quiz, easy riddles, etc. are some engaging and exciting for the people in the group.

But make sure your giveaway adds value; it should be something that your customers are trying to get for a long time. You can add-on to that, try adding a Coupon for those who wish to buy your next product along with the giveaway. We know how social media advertising works, but this is not about that, instead, here you tend to engage people organically, real users on Facebook, no bots or any of those sorts.

  • Narrate Stories:

Loyal customers love to read interesting stories, they like to learn more about the brand. You have built trust, this will help you build loyalty, authenticity, a spark that your customers will go ahead and share with their friends. Personalize the story, make it sound as if it is coming from someone they know, like a friend you know.

Find an agency in Pune that will help you achieve this well. And do use these tips to get your Facebook Group ball rolling. Hopefully, this blog will be useful for you. If there’s anything you feel apart from this that really worked for you, we’re all EARS!


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