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Are AI Based Digital Marketing Decisions The Future For Businesses?

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Technology is evolving every single day at lightning speed. While we all know that technology can be both a boon as well as a bane to businesses, being a boon is more of a possibility if it is used in the right way. Artificial intelligence and machine learning makes the job of seeking effective and crucial data so easy and is the future of businesses indeed in decision making processes.

Through AI and machine learning in Digital Marketing, we are first of all able to identify a problem if there is any. With the help of keywords and maximum searched results, one can gauge on what is it that the customer is looking for, and where is the lacking from the brands end. Chatbots has made it so easy today to be in touch with the customer 24/7 and remain at their service. While the human touch still remains missing, the purpose is still served and activities are undertaken at a click of a finger to resolve issues.

While AI in digital marketing gives us a lot of qualitative data in terms of giving the bigger picture, the quantitative data we receive from it also helps us measure the depth/gravity of the need of a product or service. For example, if vegan related products are in demand, so through digital marketing you get an account of how many people are actually becoming conscious and aware of what they are eating and making the switch towards veganism with the enquiries increasing for the same on a daily basis. The result? The brand needs to ensure availability and varieties in the vegan products they provide to match the requirement for their customer. AI also helps fix issues through feedbacks/complaints/reviews received from the customer and helps the brand evolve on a constant basis.  For example, if the product is not packaged well and has caused a loss or discomfort to the customer due to an error by the company, the issue needs to be addressed to the packaging and labelling team of the company. After all, how would you get to know without A.I. the practical problems that are faced by your customer.

Sensors are attached to your tv screens when you watch the channels, the TRP ratings are calculated accordingly. Production houses then decide through digital marketing on the popularity of the show and to shift the hours from prime time to continue or discontinue a show. Similar approach is used for brands and there have been many brands that came in the market but got discontinued due to low market impact or got involved in controversies. AI and Machine learning from the past few years have played such an important role in business decisions and is definitely the way forward especially in Covid times. Data driven means like these seldom show wrong and you know you will make the right decisions based on the findings. Social media activities and engagements, reach, website domains, all of these are today involved with so many AI based factual data and stats, it even makes it so much easier for you by showing which post of yours is working the best in your favour, in case you choose to boost the same or analyse the kind of content that is working on your social media platform.

When your customer makes purchases online or they need to be notified when a product is now available in stock, AI does the needful and immediately notifies the customer. If payments have not been processed correctly online AI notifies on that as well as assists with fixing any other issues. That is the gravity and impact AI has on you. It can even recall and showcase similar items of interest to you. Definitely, businesses should use AI and Machine learning through digital marketing and their biggest business decision tool, as they need to know the customer, and what better way than to let the customer themselves let you know about them, highlight what they need/require from you and let them tell you how else best you would be able to serve them, by making even doorstep delivery as an added advantage for them or offers and discount coupons they can avail. AI is your communication tool directly with your audience, and digital marketing enhances this beautifully, making it an engaging platform for both and helps in making ends meet from both sides.

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