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Adobe’s Spensive Buy

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If you are someone who uses digital devices (which I believe you do since you are here), you must have certainly heard of Adobe. Whether it is Photoshop, Flash, Acrobat, Lightroom or Illustrator, we all have used Adobe products in some way. Well, the multi-national computer software company has recently announced its acquisition of Figma, a leading web-first collaborative design platform, for a whopping 20 billion dollars!

This news shocked graphic designers and illustrators, many of whom took the news to heart. The price tag of $20 billion has also left many laypeople wondering what Figma is worth. Before we get to that, let us understand what exactly Figma is and why designers love it so much.

What is Figma, and Who Uses it?

Figma is a design software founded by two ex-Google employees – Daniel Eckert and Thomas Fuchs, who wanted to make 3D design and collaboration more accessible. The interactive design software allows you to create, work on, and share your designs with others in real-time. It’s also a powerful tool for prototyping with features like linking screens together, exporting animations, and creating interactive prototypes.

The design tool allows users to draw and create designs in the browser without having to use any other software. Although it has been around for less time than Adobe, Figma has become popular among designers for its affordability.

What is the Deal with this $20 Billion Acquisition?

Many designers prefer using Figma to Abode Illustrator because of its generous free plan. So, while Adobe charged around $31 per month to its users, Figma offered most of its tools for zero dollars. This is the main reason why quite a lot of designers lament Adobe’s acquisition of Figma. Many felt that Figma was much more simplified than Adobe and the overall attitude Adobe has towards its users.

The Future of Design Software with Adobe and Figma

Adobe’s acquisition of Figma is a huge win for Adobe, as it will help them to stay at the top of the design software market. The integration with Adobe will give designers more opportunities to use Adobe’s creative tools in their workflow.

So, while Figma was certainly more popular among designers for being free, there is no question that Adobe has been around for a longer time -over 30 years- and it’s DNA is design. This is due to its obvious benefits: it is more user-friendly, has a more intuitive interface and has more robust features. It also supports multiple operating systems and browsers.

Figma’s interface can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are new to the software. It also lacks some basic functionality, like exporting files in different formats or using an external editor. Being widely used, Adobe’s files rarely need to be converted for editing. On the other hand, making edits on a Figma tool can get quite difficult and confusing, especially for people new to design. Apart from this, Figma is more geared towards collaboration among teams, while Adobe is geared towards designing.

One thing is for sure: Adobe Illustrator is the best vector graphics editor software in the market. It’s not surprising that it’s the most popular design software in the world, with over 2 million subscribers. And while there are other alternatives to Adobe Illustrator, none of them come close to its capabilities.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor that has been around for over 30 years and has been updated to meet new demands in design and technology. With the incredible innovation and knowledge of Adobe, the collaboration could empower users to design products faster and more efficiently if a seamless connection between the two platforms is established.

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