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A new way to earn money- Google Task Mate

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Nowadays, everyone wants to earn easy money, right? Well, if you are someone who likes quick money (in small amounts), then Google has come up with a replacement app for you – “GOOGLE TASK MATE.” The app allows you to earn cash in exchange for completing tasks.

We all know about Google‘s Opinion Rewards which also offers Play Store credit once you complete a given task. The new “Google Task Mate” is similar, but this new app rewards you with the local currency reciprocally for completing the task.

What is Google Task Mate?

Google asks users to finish some tasks which are linked with Google Maps and Translate app etc. The assignment submitted by the users will help them in improving mapping services & will bring local business online. Task Mate has two categories that you can complete at your convenience.

i) Sitting Tasks – These kinds of tasks include Record Spoken Sentences, Transcribe Sentences, Check Shop details, and answering survey questions.

ii) Field Tasks – These sorts of tasks involve users to visit nearby places like Shops, Restaurants, etc. and click on pictures of that place and upload them on the app. For Example: Going to a location shown within the app, and clicking an image of the storefront.

Google Opinion Rewards and Google Task Mate are somewhat similar but different in many ways too. Google Task Mate revolves around surveys. Here, users can perform some tasks like:

  • Take photos of shop fronts
  • Record clips of some phrases
  • Transcribe sentences
  • Check shop details, and more

Sounds almost like what we already do on Google maps, right? But now we get cash for exchange. The tasks are often completed anytime and from anywhere. If a user is not interested in a specific assignment or finds it difficult, then he/she can skip the said task, and move to subsequent.

How to Earn Cash?

After completing a few tasks, an individual can earn money as a present for each task. Another segment of the app rewards users with local currency. For example, In the case of Indians, the reward will be in Rupees. When the user wants to measure, they need to click on a button, and, the app will transfer money to an e-wallet account or with an in-app payment partner that was registered beforehand.

How to Use Task Mate?

Currently, the app is available in Beta, and only the Early access version is out there to download for the users. Even if a user downloads the app, they need to have a referral code to use it. Currently, the app is out there in India & Kenya only.

So, if we summarize the app in 3 simple steps:

  • Choose the task you would like
  • Complete the task to earn
  • Cash-out your earnings

The beta testing appears to be supported by an invite-only system, and at the moment, all the beta program user count is paramount. It is still unclear as to how long will the testing phase last. But, when the testing is complete, Google will roll it out widely to Indian users.

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