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A Beginners Guide To Become A VFX Artist – Become A Magician In The Digital World

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A few years back, the terminology of visual effects, aka, VFX, was introduced in the digital media industry. With the emphasis being built constantly on good content and storytelling techniques, the era of VFX emerged at a slow to a steady pace. Over the years, with the advancement in technology, software’s have been developed such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, 3D Max, Houdini, and 3D Maya that have changed the entire dynamics of visual effects and have made everything possible to occur out of your imagination in the virtual world.

Visual Effects is a form of art that includes physics, maths, coding, rich history, exciting future, teamwork, technology, and imagination. It is important to keep your imagination as wide as possible whilst building a career in VFX. Think the impossible, and use VFX to make it happen. Build a connection with the artwork that you’ll be working on and explore with the same limitless possibilities while being extremely passionate about the same.

VFX is divided into five categories: Simulation, Animation, Modelling, Matte Painting, and Compositing.

They are responsible for creating special effects and cleaning up advertisements and movies. A VFX professional, their work duration is around 10 hours in a day, as the deadlines based work of visual effects needs a high level of creativity. The best benefit of having a career in VFX is that if they work on the payroll they can get health care and insurance facilities.

A VFA artist can witness film and advertising industry glamour. Since you know that creativity needs a different way of thinking, VFX professionals ‘ lives are different from common life.

You need to know the difference between VFX, CGI, and SGI:

  • VFX adds the glamour element to a scene by inserting effects that create an overall impact on the viewer. These are usually created in the post-production stage. Filmmakers use these effects when they are not able to capture or create the desired effect through the camera which they have visualized. Hence VFX comes into the picture and assists in the completion of the scene.
  • CGI is known as computer-generated imagery or computer graphics. You will mainly find these used in creating video games, animation and stop motion, for imagery purposes and for TV programs and specific characters, for example in creating a cartoon character.
  • SFX are special effects which we view typically onscreen in movies/films, television, video games, and simulators. These are used to create tricks and illusions to create an overall impact on the viewer and get them involved entirely in the scene, through a 3D effect. These are commonly used in horror story projections, to create a spooky element involved.

VFX art has an unending demand and therefore there is a lot to be offered in terms of opportunities and scope in the industry. VFX has a very optimistic future in India because the Bollywood (film industry), game companies & cartoon companies are always looking for talented young VFX experts. India has a huge film industry of its own, there’s no one there is plenty to work for: Bollywood, Tamil(Tollywood) and other regional film industries like Punjabi, Bhojpuri, etc. Animators & VFX artists will be more in demand in the future. VFX takes forward a very lucrative career.

Some of a VFX artist’s job posts include Composer, Design Artist, Visual Paint Artist, Template Artist, Match Step Artist, Lighter, Matte Painter, Designer, Roto Artist, Driver, Technical Director, and VFX supervisor. In the world of VFX, there are many work varieties such as a composer creating the sheet, special effects, animation, and graphics where design artist creates the illustration. 90 percent of your work is done on the computer, hence a visual artist’s eyes can experience extreme exhaustion and may lead to health issues as well, by sitting constantly in front of the computer, and work can arise at any time of the hour if you are dealing with international clients. If you will become a VFX artist you will have to work often under deadlines because of movie release dates. It is important to be aware and undertake these challenges as well, and take good care of your health as well to gear up for the role of a Visual Effects Artist.

All said and done, the art of VFX is no less than the work of a magician. Once you become an artist, you will also value and realize the art of VFX more once you know the creativity and hard work that goes behind creating these masterpieces.

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