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5 Mistakes Content Writers Shouldn’t Make in 2021

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We all agree that content is the king and drives the digital world. Every brand and business stepping into the digital world needs content writing and management services.

The global content marketing industry projects an annual growth rate of 16 % until 2021, according to Technavio.

Every content writer aims for a perfect content piece, but nothing comes easy in the digitally driven technology industry.

You make mistakes initially and gradually learn from them alternately you also learn to avoid mistakes done by others in the same niche.

Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid as a content writer

  • A clear understanding of the audience

Create content keeping your audience in mind. As if you are writing for a particular set of audiences and not yourself.

Analyzing and studying your audience is certainly important before you start your content piece. Creating an audience persona gives you a clear understanding of the needs and wants of the audience you are catering to

Researching about your audience gives you insights into their behaviors, likes, dislikes, you can gain psychographic and demographic information to build detailed buyer personas, which you can always look back at while creating content.

Outsourcing content marketing is the best solution and gets services of SEO content writing in India.

  • Latest SEO practice

According to Think with Google, 2019 – 49% of users say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product. This is why your SEO game should be strong along with content. Website content writers remember while writing a landing page, popup, or message based on search intent and relevancy will get you more conversion and ROI. Keyword research and competitor SEO analysis are helpful to know what all you need to improve in your articles and blogs to beat the competition.

  • Promoting content on social media

Figure out the platforms that your audiences use and promote your content on those. You will need a content marketing strategy, also experimenting with content buckets and types is surely recommended.

Engage with website content writers and other content creator communities like Triberr, Social Buzz Club, and Viral Content Buzz, this helps to increase your social media promotion.

There are many factors to consider while promoting on social media, get creative.

  • Notifying people via mail list

4.03 billion people around the world use emails in 2021. Don’t forget to create a mail list of whoever comes on your website. The average email open rate ranges from 17.8% (Campaign Monitor), 22.15% (GetResponse), and 21.33% (Mailchimp). Research by Omniscend emails delivered in the early morning appears to give the best results for each email sent.

  • Measuring the ROI

If you are investing in content marketing you need to calculate your ROI as well. Find your total financial gain by calculating the total marketing investment and subtract the investment cost.

Tracking ROI allows you to keep track of what strategies are working and what aren’t.

Content writing and content marketing are going to grow huge in the coming years and every business is going to be on the digital platform, Hats-Off digital provides you the best content writing services in Pune.


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