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5 Do’s And Don’ts For Brands On Instagram

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“If, according to you, Instagram is just for selfies, staged shots of food, and sunsets, you are woefully mistaken.”

With Facebook at its rudder, the number of active users are increasing regularly, and 87% of top brands are adopting social media platforms as an opportunity to reach their target audience. There is no better time than now for brands to get on board with Instagram marketing as a business development platform for your business.

There are over 1 billion people active on Instagram. Over 96 million photographs and videos are shared each day, and those photos and videos get more than 4.3 billion “likes.” What if your posts were able to create even a fraction of that kind of engagement?

With the participation of such actively involved users, your brand creates a more significant opportunity to reach and be heard by the target audience, and ultimately, generates more sales.

So how do you do it right?

Here are some of the important suggestions by the social media marketing service providers in Pune/Mumbai for the do’s and don’ts of using Instagram for marketing your business

DO keep a constant check on your Instagram Insights:

A successful Instagram strategy is one that is flexible enough to allow room for navigation. Because no matter how well-documented an initial plan might be, the world out there is unpredictable. And the best way to adjust to this unpredictability is by keeping a constant check on your Instagram Insights.

DON’T buy followers on Instagram:

Even if it might sound like a good idea initially, but, it might turn into your worst nightmare. “Your Instagram profile is going to look good” when potential followers show up and your profile has a strong base. But, a bought followers-base will create zero engagement and will most certainly include some accounts you wouldn’t want your business associated with. Instead of putting in efforts towards buying dicey followers, redirect them onto building a thoughtful strategy that will progressively get you the right set of audience!

DO show your human side and be realistic:

Instagram works best for those brands that promote genuine content related to everyday life, as the audience is good at responding to posts that they can relate to or aspire to. That’s why fake and promotional accounts are probably short of followers as the audience is left unimpressed. Netflix and Mad over Marketing are a perfect example of being realistic with the content they share for their brand promotion. 

DON’T Post like there’s no tomorrow on the Instagram:

It is good to have a lot of content to be shared and communicated. To show your love towards your brand, don’t share and deliver them all at once! It won’t be, in any way, healthy. You will only succeed in spamming your followers and push them closer to the unfollow button. The Instagram audience does not have the patience to scroll through an Instagram feed that’s been hijacked by you!

Instead, take your time to create a long-term strategy and build a steady and consistent post rate. By doing this, you can win more attention, engagement, and followers. This strategy might seem counter-intuitive in the initial stages. In case, if you have relevant content that requires same-day posting, you can use an Instagram Carousel or go for a streak of Instagram Stories.

DO the research and add a few hashtags to your posts:

Hashtags are great to help to make your posts visible to those who are not following you! Make sure that the hashtags that you use have relevance to your photo and are niche. Research well for the hashtags that you use. If you are new to Instagram, make the use of hashtags that has less than 300k views. This can get a lot of engagement on your posts. If you have decent followers, make use of hashtags with more than 1 million views.

DON’T post the content you’re not completely satisfied with:

Instagram is a visual platform. Thus, the biggest sacrilege you can commit is to post content or photographs that are unappealing. Make sure that the content or a picture you post sends a correct message because there can be a difference of opinion amongst people. According to you, it might be right, but the audience might look at it with a different perspective. It can only score adverse reactions. Thus, make sure that all the content you share is of top quality and adheres to a cohesive feed aesthetic.

DO follow the right steps to create engagement

Engagement is a two-way street: if you want followers to start conversations and keep the discussion going, you must do your part. Make some tactical efforts to create engagement with your followers and cultivate a relationship with them. Try and attract new users through engagement strategies. You cannot sustain on Instagram by solely posting.

DON’T focus on numbers:

Focus on improving the quality of your content and establishing connections, as this will do more for you than focusing on numbers. The numbers don’t matter, as long as those who follow you LOVE your content and engage with you.

Do post regularly and work to boost engagement.

Engage your followers by rewarding them with exclusive content. Let your followers be the first one to know about your new products, services, or events. Use teaser or photos to satisfy the curiosity of your audience.

Don’t neglect your captions.

A caption depicts the story of the picture. Craft the captions that relate and makes your followers feel a connection with the picture. 

Final thoughts

If you want to build a solid Instagram account, make sure to start or continue to follow these vital Do’s and DON’Ts. Only take the ideas that work for you and implement them into your strategy. Check for consistency, performance, engagement to make it look absolute best!

To know more about Instagram marketing or how to use social media advertising to promote brand. Contact us today.

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